Stefan Is... diving into Live Search API 2.0 (Episode 003)

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The Discussion

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    The thing I like the best about the API is that it integrates relevant information into a single response. This video brings this concept out clearly.
    I loved the Hotmail Demo; That sure is "Hotness". Having access to information within the same browser session is amazing.
    What came to my mind was 'is it possible to include driving directions into the side panel too, so i could just drag and drop a link to the directions?

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    @George, I think map option is also being made available to US , UK on trial basis.

    I am in India and getting only Restaurants, Images, Videos and Business listings in the Quick Add options. Maps and Movies are not available here.
    @Roopali/ Stefan /Max  from the user point of view, why Restaurants and Business Listings options are not working here in India? Search does not return any results for these. Is it also location based and only available to certain areas?
    Here only Image and Videos option works.

    I thought these options have been made available worldwide.
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    Hi George,

    Thanks for your feedback. Regarding your question on whether we can provide driving directions in the quick add pane - I think its a very good idea and will be something we will consider for a future release.

    - Roopali
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    Hi Niner,

    I am interested in knowing more about the kinds of queries that are not returning any results for restaurants and business listings and the location in India you are running these queries from.

    Can you mail these details to me at roopalik at microsoft dot com? This will help us debug the issue and see where the problem is.

    Thanks for your help!


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