Episode 4 - Herve and Real Time Data Aggregation

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This episode covers an interview and project showcase with Herve Roggero, managing partner of Enzo Unified as well as Microsoft MVP.  If you would like to get in touch with Herve regarding Enzo, please reach out to info@enzounified.com.  The episode covers the Enzo platform, which takes data aggregation from distributed non homogeneous systems to a completely different level greatly simplifying data merging, analytics and action that is often needed in most ecosystems.

This episode also appears out of band as Episodes 2 and 3 contain information that will be publicly announced early next week.

[00:00] - Introduction
[00:57] - Welcome Herve
[01:31] - Mtulti Data Store & Api Challenges
[03:00] - Enzo Platform Logical Architecture
[05:00] - Demo - Gov Data, Azure, Twitter Aggregation Magic
[13:50] - Demo - Aggregate Sharepoint Data too, why not?
[17:50] - Demo - Aggregate Flight Data from a service too
[09:55] - Demo - Systems Integration Magic (Azure, Twitter, Sharepoint)
[29:20] - Demo - Twitter + SharePoint + Azure + CELL PHONES and LIGHT BULBS?
[32:40] - Demo - Mostafa unknowingly lights a bulb when he retweets me. 
[34:30] - Demo - Creating Virtual Tables of disparate systems.
[47:13] - Demo - Yes there is a rest interface too.



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