TCSWeekly 006 - Silverlight is fizzing along with Moonlight and Contests

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The Discussion

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    This is all great but these videos tend to be mostly linear (like television) and don't have links to the resources that are mentioned. Consequently I find online blog/ videos to be frustrating. How about an accompanying blog post with all the links to the relevant content?


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    There are links in the text accompanying the video, perhaps you watched the video before the text content had been finished and updated.
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    I didn't include the links in the preview text which is what shows on the homepage.

    I am thinking I should show the links inline when talking about them, that might help a bit, but you can't click them.  It'd be great to do more with chapters/markers and the Silverlight player and enable more interactivity. There are a few technical things that would need to happen including updating the Silverlight player and ensuring Media Markers make it through the encoding pipeline.  I'll talk to the Ch9 team about it.
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    I've allready suggested something like this. The first step would be showing the text of the blog post as an overlay on the video in full screen. Some transparent panel to hide/show at the side or something.

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