MSIX: Package desktop apps for Windows 10. Replace outdated installers.

Play MSIX: Package desktop apps for Windows 10. Replace outdated installers.

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    Certificates and signing still cause too much friction for me to use this. I tried to create an .msix package for and was immediately confronted with generating a cert and installing it. That's a fail for me right there. I'm also confronted with how I get the certificate to GitHub and use it in Actions. I need an "Easy Button" and this ain't it.

    Maybe GitHub Actions could provide a certificate at build time? One associated with my account perhaps?

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    I do not hear about why msix is better and why move towards it.
    He only say "you modernize..." and "as mentioned "unaudible blabla" at 1':09"...
    Where is that mentioned please?

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    He is probably referring to the MSIX documentation, the link is provided above. Check out key features and highlights.

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    Lack of Windows 7 support is the main reason its not quite time to make the jump. Yeah, MS 'doesn't support Win 7' anymore but we do.
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    The biggest benefit of this seems to be cross platform deployment and integrated Windows 10 update support.

    Some of the benefits touted by MSIX include:

    Predictable, safe, and reliable deployment and removal
    Auto-updates for non-Store Apps
    Windows 7 Support
    Package and distribute content beyond Windows (extensible to iOS, Android, MacOS & Linux)
    Optimizes disk space (leveraging single instance storage across apps and users)
    Optimizes network usage (streaming differential updates at the block level)
    OS Managed installations (much of the logic and interface of software installation will now be handled by the operating system)
    Windows provides integrity for applications (Tamper protection, policy controls)
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    It would have been nice if you showed just a couple edge cases, such as: Generating a single file installer .exe and bypassing the certificate requirement. You also forgot to mention which component is required to be installed for this project type to be available, because I don't have it on my minimal installation**. Otherwise, excellent presentation and very happy to see that there's FINALLY something to replace the horribly source-control-unfriendly "Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects" (.vdproj) files.

    **I'm sorry, but 9.78 GB to install the "MSIX Packaging Tools" (expand the ".NET Desktop Development" optional components) is patently absurd.
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    but not even microsoft edge uses msix, let alone any of their partners (like spotify, google, adobe, etc). if microsoft can't commit to it, why should anyone else?

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