VS Code: Remote Development with SSH, VMs, and WSL

Play VS Code: Remote Development with SSH, VMs, and WSL

The Discussion

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    Peter Reynolm

    Why are you even talking about tabs vs spaces?
    This has been settled for years.

    Things like Ansible even fail if you use tabs.

    Whilst using tabs might work for a single user as long as you set it up on every single application that you use to read/write code (not a simple task).

    However, as soon as you work with someone else you will cause problems.
    Indenting long code into a second line will look weird unless you all have the same tab size.
    Then if you don't make sure every single person for all time is using tabs instead of spaces you will also have the same problem.

    Stick to spaces and the auto conversion from tabs to spaces.
    Most other IDEs have had this for over a decade so it is a bit weird that you are talking about it in 2020 as a feature.

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    very nice explanation
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    This remote functionality exists with many IDEs, but it is always a giant pain to figure out how to get it to work. This explanation makes it straight forward to understand. Thanks!
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    Totally disagree with Peter.

    Spaces are limited. If you want to increase it you must alter the code and that is a problem.

    Why 2 spaces and not 3 or 4? Because the spaces are spaces and that is not his nature, if you want to add an indent in a text use tabs.

    If you want to decrease / increase the width of the tab to 1 or 99999, change your view settings (editorconfig) without alter the code and be happy.

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    Ofek Edri

    Thank you ! video is great

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