WSL2: Code faster on the Windows Subsystem for Linux!

Play WSL2: Code faster on the Windows Subsystem for Linux!

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    For some reason when I view the video on edge for android, the whole video is covered by a watch related videos panel. I'd quite like to watch THIS video, not related ones!
    Can't see a way to get rid of it.

    Edit: Found workaround...use chrome. Good to see Microsoft don't such a great job of supporting their own products!
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    @MogZero - I'm sorry for the trouble viewing! I just got an Android phone and tried it with Edge and see what you mean. I'm going to get in touch with the Edge and Ch9 teams to investigate and see what's going on here so it can be fixed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
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    Saif K

    Yes we all know that. I personally used and abandoned it as I can't use my GPU from WSL2.

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    GPU or nafin

    We have been waiting for GPU support for how long? Two? Three years?

    Until today my Linux box runs multiple Nvidia GPUs but my Windows box can't handle more than one.

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    MS seems back playing its old game. It is a shame that alongside wsl2, we can't have other virtualisation software like vmware and virtual box.
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    I am hoping that processors come out with the capability to virtualize virtual environments - to be able to host multiple hypervisors. VMWare is mandatory for so many reasons, and this will freeze me at WSL1 (which hopefully will continue to work).
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    This is my first tutorial of WSL2. Thank you.
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    Are there any best practices around how to keep the distro patched in an enterprise?

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