Design Considerations for Mobile Device Management

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In today's world where being highly connected and highly mobile are more important than ever, device choice and being mobile while still being productive are big concerns for any business IT organization. Tune in as Kevin Remde, Yuri Diogenes and Robert Mazzoli explore the world of Mobile Device Management and what design considerations you should think about when architecting your strategy for a Mobile first, Cloud first environment.

  • [3:00] Tell us about the Mobile Device Management Design Considerations Guide and who its intended for?
  • [3:54] Mobile Device Management can be an overwhelming topic. Would it be safe to say that some IT organizations don't even really know where to begin?
  • [5:53]  Say I work for a small business and I want to do Mobile Device Management and I don't have a huge budget – what are some of my options?
  • [7:56]  Once my organization has the problem set well defined, what's the next step?
  • [12:50] Is there anything else that my business needs to consider?
  • [14:55] As a companion to the MDM Design Considerations Guide, I understand that your team has put together another pretty useful (and definitely colorful) resource. What's that?
Check out the  Mobile Device Management Design Considerations Guide
Download the Enterprise Mobility Poster here



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