(Part 1) Deploying Windows 10: Deployment and Servicing Options

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Yung Chou, Kevin Remde and Dan Stolts kick off a new multi-part Windows 10 series today and in Part 1 they discuss the many ways you can deploy, upgrade and manage Windows 10 in your Enterprise environment.

  • [2:15] What should we consider first before deploying Windows 10?
  • [5:20] Compatibility, and having to test all of our applications has historically been the hold-up with regard to businesses upgrading to a new OS.  What's the recommendation?
  • [9:02] So, if I've decided I'm ready to deploy Windows 10, what tools should I consider using?
  • [12:40] Is Microsoft recommending wipe-and-load of existing systems, or what?
  • [18:02] Are there any instances when I shouldn't do an in-place upgrade?
  • [24:02] Tell me a little more about the provisioning option.
  • [27:15] I've heard of "Windows-as-a-Service".. what does that mean as far as future updates and upgrades?
  • [40:02] Where should we go for more information?




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