An Interview with David Linthicum: The Future of IT: Cloud Computing, Mobility and Manageability

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Renowned author and Cloud Computing thought leader, David Linthicum joins Yung Chou for this insightful discussion around the future of IT and what the next big bets in technology will be and how it will affect IT Pros.

  • [1:55]  How did you get in the IT industry and what was your first job in IT?
  • [4:54] How did you start paying attention to cloud computing and what was your initial thoughts? How have your views evolved?
  • [7:30] When talking about computing, many will immediately get concerned with resource sharing, multi-tenancy, compliance, and security. What are your thoughts?
  • [9:19] Regarding mobility and cloud computing, what are the challenges for IT and how can we solve it?
  • [11:57] Many say that Hybrid Cloud is the next big thing. What's your view and why? And how do we get there?
  • [14:20] What do micro-services, containers and DevOps mean to IT pros?
  • [17:20]  IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning --- how is this re-shaping the industry?
  • [21:02]  What is the current state of IT/Cloud Computing? Where do we go? What's the next big disruptive technology?
  • [24:45] What’s your advice to those who are getting into and those who have been in the IT industry?




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