An Interview with Paul Thurrott: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 NOW!

Play An Interview with Paul Thurrott: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 NOW!

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    Fleet Command

    Ah, an interview with "Microsoft's biggest fan"! (according to betanews, Business Insider and a couple of others.) This is going to be interesting.

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    I'm still on the fence about Windows 10. I started using a Macbook shortly after they rolled out Windows 10 and when I tried to figure out the new Windows OS, I found it confusing and a bit annoying to use. Yes, it's a free upgrade and it's also included in all new computers now, but in terms of functionality, I still like the old school version better. I don't like how there's essentially 2 desktops and one of them looks like a tablet homescreen with "apps". That would be okay on a touchscreen, but feels strange on a regular laptop or PC. Also, if someone like me hasn't used Windows in a while, to learn how to use the new Windows 10 feels overwhelming. Learning the basics is easy but to do more advanced functions requires me to read up on the manual too many times. For now, I'm still happy with my Macbook. They've upgraded the OS without drastically changing the navigational system. I think that's important. For instance, my parents, who knew how to use the older versions of Windows, are at a loss when it comes to operating the new OS. My grandparents as well. They actually specifically requested that their new laptops and computers be installed with Windows 7 instead! On the other hand, my brother and husband had no problem learning how to use Windows 10 because they're really tech savvy. So I guess it really depends on personal preferences and familiarity with technology.

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    I'm still thinking whether I'll upgrade now or later. I already tried downloading it but it seemed that my internet connection could not accommodate it, which left me thinking when to upgrade. This interview is very helpful for those who are still undecided on the functions of Windows 10. Many expect that it will work even better than the previous.

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    Very informative! I'm just wondering where the negative reviews about Windows 10 are coming from. I have upgraded and I can say that it gave me better experience and enhanced my productivity; therefore, there in no reason not to upgrade.

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    Bon Bon

    I never thought that Windows 10 has great features! With this interview, I now fully understand its benefits to users! I will schedule my upgrade soon.

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    Danny Mert

    I already upgraded 2 months ago and I can say that it works better than Windows 7. The platform is very convenient for busy users and very reliable as well. Indeed, Windows made a real innovation with Windows 10! The company still proves that it's a leader in computer and technology! The customer support is always available too!

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    Thanks for this helpful interview! I thought Windows 10 is quite complex but now I have clearer comprehension what it could do! I will upgrade as soon as tomorrow!

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    I love Windows 10 on my new hardware.  Older hardware caused me issues.  I have a series of Lenovo T Series Laptops.  The t510 and older had problems with the Dual Video system (ATI/Intel and NVIDIA/Intel).  But these are admittedly very old systems; and and will work fine until the Windows 7 End of Life.

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    Cold Canuck

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has had to do a restore, reload or even a re-install due to windows update issues. If there is even a single problem with an update, be it security or bug fix, this forced update could very well render a great many businesses dead in the water, at least until they can afford to pay a tech geek to come in and fix an issue that should not have been forced on us.

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    Let me give you many reasons why I will NEVER upgrade to Windows 10.

    1. Windows 7 has Aero. What was the most requested feature in the testing phase of Win10? Aero. What was left out. Aero.
    2. Windows 7 respects my privacy. My life is none of your business. All that telemetry junk can be removed from Windows 7. Even Windows 8.1 had more respect for me than Windows 10 does. I shouldn't have to hack my router to get back what should have never been taken to begin with.
    3. Windows 7 has a working F8 key. Seriously, whoever decided to disable that needs to be smacked hard in the head every single day for the rest of his life. Of all the dumb decisions in Windows 8 and beyond, this is by trillions of miles the absolute dumbest. I asked for F8 to return. Ignored. Just like the plethora of those Aero requests. I shouldn't have to use a hack to repair an unbootable Windows. Even OS X has pre-boot repair keys.
    4. Windows 7 has a logical, hierarchy based, customizable start menu just like Window Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95. I shouldn't have to download Classic Shell just to get an easy to use start menu.
    5. Windows 8 and earlier is owned, not licensed.
    6. Windows 8 and earlier does not require me to waive my right to sue Microsoft.
    7. Windows 7 and earlier properly calls programs 'programs' and not 'apps'.
    8. Windows 8 and earlier does not block programs that are considered security risks. I downloaded a driver from HP website and Windows 10 blocked it with no instructions on how to unblock it. This is all well and good, but you need to provide a clear set of instructions on how to override the false positive.
    9. Windows 7 and earlier doesn't force the app store on you like mad. Why did Microsoft take out the group policy setting that allows businesses to disable the app store?
    10. Windows 8 and earlier do not have compatibility problems. Seriously, why do so many old programs that worked fine on Vista suddenly no longer work?
    11. Windows 8 and earlier let you defer updates. I have currently found 24 updates that cause the client restore of Windows Server Essentials to crash. If security updates ruin Microsoft's own software, what about other programs? Businesses should not have to pay for an Enterprise license to block updates that interfere with their essential programs.
    12. Did I mention Windows 8 and later don't have F8 enable by default?
    13. Windows 7 is smart enough to realize that different tools have different purposes. A hammer is meant to put a screw in. A tablet is not a laptop/desktop. OS X and iOS are not one-in-the-same, because Apple knows that a tablet OS should be completely distinct from the mobile OS. By combining the two, you didn't make a better you, you made a far worse one.

    I am not blind, Windows 10 is not all bad. The multiple desktop feature is nice. And so is DirectX 12. But those are the only reasonable reasons to upgrade. But some of my reasons above are forgivable, some -- specifically #3, #5, #6, #8, and #11 -- are unforgivable sins.


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    I am so with DiscoVinny. I predict these posts won't be here too long.. Sadly.

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    Waaaaaaaaait !!! :S

    Windows 10 is customizable?

    Did I miss any updates and my Cortana cannot be removed completely from the system or what? I thought you were going towards a more "modular" system design. Is Cortana part of the Windows kernel now or what? Please don't create another IE, as in the old days.

    Also, when you upgrade to Win10, (sometimes?) your new OS is full of bugs (start menu sometimes not opening, volume icon not showing up, taskbar being non-functional, etc). And all of those bugs appearing and disappearing at random times from boot to boot. And on another note, when your system is running out of memory it becomes completely unstable (sometimes with the screen going black and not responding to ANY user input except for the power button).

    Also, Edge has many weird bugs, some of which (oddly enough) do not exist in IE11. Not to mention that it still (after -God knows- many years) misses the "paste and go" option on the address bar (without which not many people can function)...

    But I am not here to bash Win10. I think it is a good OS (I like many things in the UI), just I am not sure if it should have been released with all these bugs in it. And the regular updates didn't seem to help anyone with these bugs. Lets hope they help with security...


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    I also totally agree with DiscoVinny.

    I didn't know some of his mentioned stuff (really? there is no F8 anymore?!?!?! =:O What the hack?).

    Also, this mix of phone & tablet & desktop is a big challenge and I can say that e.g. I really like the looks of the old "Control Panel" more than the new "Settings" look (when on a desktop at least). Maybe you can make it work everywhere, but making it look perfect everywhere is a whole different story that seems a big problem to me.

    Not to mention that the new Settings seems slow on input just like the new start menu - I wonder in what technology they are written in... Please, don't tell me it is WPF, because I like WPF...

    Privacy and total control of the PC is important for me as well.

    I hope MS gets stuff better soon.

    Let's hope that, after some time (when MS trains their Cortana, their Bing and the rest of their AIs enough), they will allow the removal of Cortana.


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    Theodore Seeber

    And the final real reason is- because Microsoft forced me to.

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    I am one of the never Windows 10 bunch. Even after I tried Windows 10 Pro and could defer the updates, supposedly.

    The intrusion of the constant reporting is not something I will allow.

    I check windows update every Wednesday or Tuesday, if I see a bulletin that suggests otherwise.

    I think that I have removed all of the reporting updates that MS is adding to Windows 7 and 8 that are from Windows 10.

    I have also hidden all of the Windows 10 update triggers, more than once. That 5583 somehow seems to be creeping back into the installed update list. Not sure how but it still keeps showing up several update cycles after I remove it.

    I also have noticed over the past year that my update settings have been changed from alert me to updates available, to install updates automatically. This is something that is being sent down an update stream of some sort because I am certainly not doing it. Since I run the update program regularly, I do not see a need nor with the limited internet connection do I want it set that way.

    So, I am in the process of locating Windows 8.1 pro updates so that I can update my two machines and keep them a little longer.
    Not sure what I will be doing once the support runs out.

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    Unfortunately their strategy of pushing patches on users and the enterprise does not work. In the last 6 months they have almost monthly released a patch that has broken software, sometimes their own software; WSUS, Dymanics GP, etc.

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    I will give my comments before and after listening to this presentation.  Before, I can tell you that Microsoft used people as sheep for their beta program to ring out the bugs in the upgrade process.  I estimate from my 100s of home user support customers that it failed 5% of the time when Microsoft gave people a false sense of security it would pass.  If Dell hadn't certified/tested it, no Dell user should have been made that offer.  If ASUS's chart of 100% unsupported machines (will never work) said it wouldn't have worked, Microsoft should not have offered it.  But they took the 95% solution and caused immeasurable and documented pain to the other 5%.  Worthy of a class action lawsuit.  And they know it.  Their position is IMO, no pain, no gain (for the end user).  The many examples where they shouldn't have offered it are out there.  To NOT synch up with databases at Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, (databases of uncertified/unfit-for-Win10 models) is inexcusable.  I don't think this would ever have happened under Balmer's regime.

    Regarding automatic updates.  I'm all for losing control because it has been a quagmire including the certificate spoofing security breach.  There are multiple fixits for security and in late 2015 MSFT released a patch to the update program which leaked memory in Windows 7 and sucked the cpu utilization life out of it.  Now when updates fail in Windows 10, at least we can say "ain't nothing we can do about it" and "Microsoft is collecting data on these failures and reducing the failure rate behind the scenes".  One less thing for me to worry about.  Besides, critical security updates have lost their value as security threats have advanced well beyond what these patches and antivirus apps are able to detect and fix.  I teach my customers to focus on self-training their own worst enemy, "the human" and stop relying on security updates and anti-virus apps (although they remain important).  So, if updates is sucking 50% of the CPU and leaking memory and all fixits and and etc., etc. do not fix, then automatic updates get turned off.  This is called risk management and Microsoft has IMO created a quagmire with Window updates which no single person at Microsoft can explain how it works under the hood and that is by design in order to maintain our national security under this cloak of secrecy.

    And it's no conspiracy theory that Windows 10 (and Windows 8) comes up with a Start Menu that "live" communicates all over the place (weather, news, etc.) making filtering of malware communicating when they shouldn't cumbersome.  Proof: why isn't there a single button to automatically turn all of that chatter 100% off (Candycrush, the Skypehost process, etc., etc.).

    I think Microsoft should focus on giving Bing management a good kick in the groin.  Bing and Yahoo signed an agreement a few years ago whereby 95% of the search results are the same and the other day a customer did "firefox" which pointed to a first result of a paid ad by whose download manager installed firefox and multiple viruses.  Google has grown up and stopped doing this.  But Yahoo, as it is about to or already lays off 1/3 of it's staff, continues to harbor unsafe ads and show they do not know how to (IMO) vet an add thereby making their search results extremely unsafe.  Shamelessly, Microsoft is linked to Bing and is delusional about it's utility as are they about Edge being a replacement browser.  Chrome and Firefox will always be 2x faster and as safe or safer.  So saieth the peacekeeper benchmarks.

    Have a nice day everyone!






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    After upgrading from Windows 7 pro to Windows 10, I tried it for two months. I found it difficult to navigate my way around. There was nothing I liked about Windows 10. 

    At the end of two months, I removed it and reinstalled my Windows 7 pro. 

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    The Windows 10 mail app is a disaster. Why build an app that does not have the features of Windows Live Mail and then configure so that Live Mail will not work after July. Configuring it for none Microsoft, Gmail and Yahoo mail providers is difficult if not impossible with certain requirements that some ISPs have. I receive about 15 complaints a day about the Windows 10 Mail app after we upgraded all of our machines.

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    Post listening comments: Paul was a bit disingenuous for not mentioning how intrusive Cantana is with respect to collecting data about your searches (like Google).  Since this may help catch evil people, I'm all for it but after explaining it to my customers who ask what it is -- they all ask me to turn it off.


    cortana windows 10 intrusive

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    Come on Microsoft, and stop treating people like idiots. I don't want to go to Microsoft store to get a Microsoft approved program and pay for it, there are many open source programs that work far better and do the job I want to do.

    I don't want to log into Microsoft every time I turn my computer on, admittedly I can create a local account, but to do that I have to jump through hoops to get there. The process should be up front when building the OS.

    From a support point of view Windows 10 is a nightmare and it is faster to rebuild that resolve the issue.

    I take it your software designers are about 4 years old. Microsoft has lost the focus completely. I don't want tablet features on my desktop or laptop because neither are tablets.

    As for EDGE it will remain where it is off the EDGE of the SCREEN, never to be used even in anger, Long Live FIREFOX/CHROME/SAFARI.

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    Paul Brown

    On the whole i wee with a lot of what was said in this discussion, although isn't it strange how none of the problems were talked about, and there are many. I like windows 10, but there are some aspects that i do not like, still a way to go methinks.

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    "eriously, why do so many old programs that worked fine on Vista suddenly no longer work?"

    Aaaand there it is folks, people praising Windows Vista's compatibility.

    My only guess is that they've never actually used Windows Vista.

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    I DISAGREE with DiscoVinny, mainly because most of his points are nonsense.

    For example...

    Windows 8 is NOT owned. It's licensed. Same as ALL Windows versions, including Windows 10.

    Windows 10 doesn't mean you can't sue Microsoft. The fact is that parts of the EULA which are not legally enforceable in your country, don't apply anyway.

    Windows 10 doesn't force you to use the app store. You can remove the icon for it and never use the app store. It's optional.

    I don't have any compatibility issues with Windows 10. All my software works fine.

    No Aero in Windows 10 doesn't mean there aren't Aero effects. I prefer the style of Windows 10 anyway.

    Windows 10 also call programs "programs", or applications. But "apps" is just short for "applications". That's not a reason to stay on Windows 7, just because some terminology has changed.

    Windows 10 Pro does allow you to defer updates.

    Windows 10 is designed for both existing hardware and new hardware. Many new devices are hybrids (such as Surface Pro) for which Windows 7 is totally inadequate, because they function as tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs all in one device.

    You can install 3rd party Start menu alternatives if you don't like the default one in Windows 10.

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    The Windows 10 mail app is a disaster. Why build an app that does not have the features of Windows Live Mail and then configure so that Live Mail will not work after July



    Yes.... Another great disaster.

    I haven't even tried the new mail app, but as far as I understood :

    1) Your email account info (if you setup one) may be used/accessed on the system level (by all apps and by windows). Maybe I am wrong, but that's what I understand. I don't really like that.

    2) It is a UWP app and judging from the ones that were preinstalled and "functional" without me requiring to to login to a store, an email account or something, it shouldn't work either.

    WLM was my favorite mail client (maybe it was a bit heavy being written in .NET and all, but it was quite good). It was so good that it even had features that Outlook has not.

    Now WLM is totally destroyed (thanks to some MS "upgrade or die" campaign). I think MS must be ashamed for putting their name onto this piece of software. It just became terrible. It's hard to believe that someone could fit so many bugs and breaks into a single software "patch". It requires quite a talent...

    Most probably, the team that originally made it works on something new and some team of newbies started meddling with it, in order to keep it alive. And here we are...


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    Windows 10 is TERRIBLE!!! I had it on my laptop and got the dreaded 'Critical Error' when pressing the start key. After HOURS of searching I couldn't find a fix - just lots of others with the same issue. I eventually replaced with Ubuntu - GREAT MOVE!

    I then bought a surface pro 3 to make use of OneNote. It came with Windows 8 and I upgraded to 10. Yet again I got the dreaded critical error. Again after many hours trying to fix I was forced to restore. And guess what, a few months later I have the critical error back.

    Completely useless. I have a number of friends who have had the same experience. I keep telling my wife and friends - DON'T UPGRADE. I can't believe Microsoft has shipped such a piece of junk as Windows 10. I've used MS products in one form or other for the past 20+years and this is just the worst. Love Office, Love OneNote, but come on OS guys - make it simply work. Don't need all your fancy ideas and features, we just need a stable OS.

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    For me, the biggest problem with Windows 10 is the aesthetics. Functionally, Windows 10 might be the best thing on earth, but I can't get past it's ugly face. Those tiles are just garish. Microsoft, please tone down the colors. Or better yet, get rid of them. Stop filling in the tiles with color - just so that they won't look like regular icons. Then you add in all the "flat" interface elements, and Microsoft has truly doubled-down on ugly. Seriously Microsoft, rethink the look of Windows 10.

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    Dr Richard Clark

    Why can't I update Windows 10?!?

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    David Fitzgerald

    It's a big "No Way!" for me, as Microsoft still canot figure out how to get Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Connector to work with Windows 10. And, it's not the Server, as it works fine with Windows 8.1. Their last update was, gee, we seem to have a problem, and we are aware of it, and we'll get back to you shortly. That was in January. Nothing but crickets ever since.

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    Windows 10 blocks of various programs to run and module compatibility is not functional. wine in ubuntu is much better than what Microsoft offers.

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    Dave Hejde

    I'm delaying Win 10 on any PC I can influence. The best way to curb the forceful and intrusive upgrade is to go to GRC (dot) com and download a tiny utility called Never10. Works great.

    When Win 10 hits version 2, I'll try it again.

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    Wow, many tin foil, un educated comments posted here about Windows 10.

    I guess like Paul says if you don't like nicer things and want to be on a faster more secure O/S.

    Yes, those are facts. Remove the tin foil and upgrade.


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    @Dave Hejde: We've been on Windows 10 version 2 since November.

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    @DiscoVinny: I agree with quite a lot of that but you are mistaken in thinking that apps and programs are the same thing. Apps do not run on Windows 7 and earlier, not sure about 8.x.

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    @Bill:I agree. Did Microsoft fire every last one of their graphic artists? Is there really nobody left who could draw nice buttons that actually look like buttons?

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    I guess like Paul says if you don't like nicer things and want to be on a faster more secure O/S.


    a) Although there are some nice (in terms of looks) things on Win10 (and I am ONLY thinking about the -buggy- taskbar, the action center and the explorer window here...), there are many other things that are terrible (the rest of the stuff, I would say...). And I really don't like the default settings for the taskbar to combine the taskbar buttons. But anyway, they have made that customizable so I won't nag about it much... But, please, for heaven's sake, I don't want to click 2 times to restore a window. I want it restored with one (or less) clicks. Even WinXP could do that. And you still share the same shell bugs with WinXP. When will you fix that shell of yours? Window restoration and minimizing has still bugs in it. And now there are new bugs related to modal windows mistakenly placed behind their parent window (you can understand what this causes, don't you?) !!!

    b) Win10 is not faster. In fact, with the exception of Win7, every new MS OS is getting slower than the previous version (especially if you are not using a SSD). At least that is my experience having used all of them. If you have any doubts, install WinXP on a VM (which should be 5 times slower that running on bare metal) and see how long it takes to boot, to start launching applications, how often it swaps memory from the paging file, etc, etc.

    c) When it comes to security on Win10, I don't feel secure at all. I know that once I exhaust my RAM it will stop responding and it will either freeze or crash and reboot (I don't even get to see the warning for low memory displayed - that's how fast it crashes). Then, I am afraid to reboot my machine, because I don't know if my taskbar will be functional after the boot. On top of that, it seems that the whole OS was built for the purpose of collecting user data (which violates privacy big time). So, with all these fears in my mind, what on earth do I have to fear from a hacker? Not to make my PC a DDoS attack endpoint? I don't freaking care! It's not illegal to get hacked! Not to steal my credit card number? I don't use one! Not to steal my email passwords? What the hack is he gonna do with those? Read my spam? Blackmail me for the evil spam emails that I get? Certainly he wont make a profile out of my data. He will just get what he likes (if he finds anything), he will leave, and totally forget about me afterwards. And even if he is j*rk enough to write ransom-ware, he is not gonna get any money from me, I have my files backed-up and he won't manage to encrypt more than 1% of my files before I find out about it. And anyway, Win10 is not so improved on security to make someone upgrade to it. You can still hijack apps that listen on the Internet and there is still code from earlier versions of Windows in there (much of it, judging from the same bugs that I see) that can potentially be exploited.

    Nevertheless, I have upgraded to Win10 and I use them every day. It's been less than a month now and I have already lost count of the number of low-memory crashes and the times I had to reboot to get the taskbar at least semi-functional. And not to mention that I had to run a 3rd party driver-updater tool (the stupid computer management said all my drivers were up-to-date... :|) to get my screen resolution setup correctly, so that not everything looked like sh*t. I wonder what simple users did when they faced such situations (that might explain the rise of sucky crApple to the top, despite the fact that both their designers and their developers are untalented and uninspired)...

    I hope MS fixes those, so that I can say something good about it the next time...


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    good apps don't need adv lol

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    Если вы называетесь Майкрософт Россия могли бы хоть перевести чтонибудь а не лепить всё на английском . У вас ято нет гордости за РОССИЮ если нет лучше не делайте и не занимайтесь плагиатом. А то привыкли как коммунисты учили всё переписывать так и делаете по старинке. Задумайтесь

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    Сейчас, что, русский язык не в моде?

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    Hi, I'm from Russia, sorry for my strange English)) I can agree with DiscoVinny and particularly with kkk.

    I see video and do early course on MVA by Windows 10 technical preview and look like good. New security model (core level), new Windowed mode for apps...

    I think Windows 10 will be like 8.1 only better, but I Wrong (( Windows 8.1 us better for me - clear interface, stable, store (!), customization for most settings and most - can choose and delete Windows Updates!!!

    I want control for system (in ideal), but UWP and Windows 10 Microsoft can control my life by default and no variants. I like Windows Phone 8.1 too and Windows Live Mail and Photo.

    I and all my friends don't need continues and UWP. Who no need Store - use Windows 7 and happy!

    All good things Like Windowed Apps, or choose location for apps can be doing in Windows 8.2 updates, but Microsoft need new core and new license for full control.
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    Говоря по-русски: успел поставить инсайдер рядом с 7-й. Отключил телеметрию и кучу всего. Обновляться на новый билд правда только с ISO)) В целом, уже перестали делать для 8.1 приложения, которых итак мало, а некоторые как GameLoft с их OAC и Order & Chaos 2: Redemption просто кинули всех заявив что больше не будут выпускать обновления для Windows, но сервера и донат оставили. И это до проблем со входами через МС аккаунт, когда пропали целые гильдии. Это я к тому, что пере ходить на 10 не хочется (везде обновился сначала и откатился или поставил 8.1 с нуля, записав ключ из БИОСа), но если все новые компы пойдут с 10-кой, то какие тут варианты...
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    Если бы можно было знать, что за обновлений она накачает, то можно бы было подумать о переходе. Ну а так как то неприятно, когда моя железка ни с того ни с сего начинает вести себя не так как раньше.

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    Windows 10

    Установил Windows 7 на новый компьютер, поработал несколько месяцев, решил обновиться до Windows 10. Windows 10 оказался более медленным, чем Windows 7. Откатил компьютер с Windows 10 на Windows 7, и сразу возникли проблемы в работе ОС. Для нормальной работы Windows 7 пришлось её переустановить. Windows 10 удобно пользоваться тем, у кого компьютер постоянно подключён к Интернету. Если пользователь ПК выходит в Интернет только по необходимости, то в Windows 10 чтобы подключиться к Интернету надо больше окон открыть, чем в Windows 7. Все недоработки, обнаруженные мною в Windows 10, я изложил разработчику, надеюсь, что они прочитали моё сообщение и устранят изложенные там проблемы.

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    Обновился до win10. Периодически начал тухнуть экран. Драйвера на видеокарту последние. Переустановил сразу 10 винду, думал что обновление криво пошло, но проблема осталась. Вернулся на win7. Даже если это бесплатно, то зачем обновляться если компьютер после обновления не работает как надо?

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    I've found great open microsoft
    I reported it where tenks for update windows10

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