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    I'm only in my twenties but I remember when I was a kid how the internet was still super slow and a relatively new concept. Computers were chunky and dial-up was the work of the devil. Fast forward a mere two decades and we already have ultra-thin laptops, virtual reality goggles, Google Glass, smart watches and more. Think of how much more will change in the next twenty years.
    I can see virtual reality being the next big thing. And 3-D hologram displays that allow you to interact with it. Thinking back to a recent movie I just saw, "HER", I think the future will be just like that, where everyone in the world is interconnected through their minds and computers can anticipate all your desires and needs even before you do. Maybe in my lifetime there will be neural implants that enable people to perform actions (send emails, texts, check the news) just by thinking it or tapping out a certain rhythm with their hands. I don't know. The future holds so much possibility...But with that comes great responsibility too. Hopefully technology will be used for the greater good, and not for the forces of evil!

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    Sara Jones

    I like the fact that this video provides a balanced perspective between user productivity, infrastructure and innovation. All four of the men in the programme are very passionate about their particular field and as they are all 'technical evangelists' the programme is clearly very pro technology. Some of the things they discuss are really very exciting such as the equal distribution of information. Anyone can access online resources wherever they are, but as Kevin says, opportunity is also vital. I do find some aspects a little worrying but I guess this is natural when we move from a semi technological world to a world completely interconnected. I'm wondering about the idea of saving time in order to do other things: in the olden days we would labour for something and then enjoy the fruits of that labour. There was a balance between labour and product which created some sort of satisfaction. I'm concerned that if we eradicate all labour, i.e. turning on a thermostat from your bed or checking your emails from the fridge then there will be a serious imbalance.
    I like the idea that we will have more time to read books and create art but what will the result be in aid of? How much leisure can a person endure without losing a sense of purpose? Will we simply adapt?
    On a more positive note I think that using the internet to enable entrepreneurship is very exciting and valuable and drumming up immediate support from an online community is amazing especially in the case of raising money for charity.
    The Internet of Things (IoT) doesn't appeal to me but I get that it's an inevitable evolution of technology. I'm probably a little old-fashioned.
    I definitely don't understand what 3D pizza is! :)

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    @Jackie:Well.. I'm only almost-53, and back when I was your age... blah blah blah. :) 
    Completely agree. And not only are the technologies advancing in amazing ways, but the rate at which they advance seems to be speeding up.  We live in exciting times (which I've also been saying since I chose to move from Music to Computers in my early 20s) and it's a great time to be working with anything having to do with computers and cloud computing. 

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    @Sara Jones: Very well said!
    Yeah.. the optimistic side of me believes that technology will continue to make our lives easier, but often it's the things that were supposed to make our time more efficient that end up filling up our time. 

    The book I am reading that I was referencing, in case you're interested, is "Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology"

    It's a really interesting, thoughtful discussion, basically about how technology alone isn't going to solve the world's problems.                                                                                                                                                                   

    Oh.. and the reference to 3D Pizza was actually an inside joke.  In our chatting prior to the recording, Joe Breslin mentioned his desire to have 3D printed food.. like a panel that spits out 3D printed Pizzas.   So we ran with it. :)

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    Enjoyed the presentation, looking forward to the next one, you guys really work well together. As far as what I would like to see would be actual demonstrations if possible, but again really enjoyed, keep-up the work, see you in the future.

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    @KRemde @Jackie: Completely agreed on all of the above, incredibly interesting times we're living in, which is going to lead to a WHOLE bunch of brand new questions we've never considered (realistically, anyway).

    And it almost sounds like you've been reading our OneNote for some of the ideas for future episodes ;) . There may be a line item called "Hivemind" which would address many of those very items, I'm sure

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    @KRemde @Sara Jones: Very much agreed with all of the points mentioned (especially these guys being passionate about their work, they're incredible :D . The concerns are definitely fair and justified (and something that I think about extensively, you know, for fun). There is certainly a chance that if we aren't deliberate about our technology, we may lead to a Wall-E type world which may seem perfect from the outside but be far from it in reality. We just gotta hope we're not already there.

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    @Leonard: Glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate the feedback, thank you! We've debated how deep we wanted to go technically vs. staying higher level, so it's excellent to hear that there's interest. Something great to consider for future episodes and let me know if there's anything specific from a technology perspective you're interested in seeing us cover.

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    william back

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    @william back: You're a real wavy dude, William back! I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be spam for, but I dig it (a)

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