Consolidating Customer Feedback into Data Visualizations Promotes Action

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Stefan Kummert shares how User Experience Services used Power BI to capture and analyze real-time feedback about internal apps, providing business intelligence and enabling data visualization, leading to informed decisions about application solutions.

  • [1:04] Tell me about you and what your team does
  • [1:54] How many listening systems do you currently work with?
  • [4:50] How much data do we capture from those listening systems in a month or year?
  • [7:01] Tell me more about the backend solution you've created that captures this data? What kind of format are we talking about here?
  • [8:05] So now that you can effectively manage this data in a central environment, how do you cleanse it and make any sense of that data?
  • [9:50] Now that you know what the data is means, how did you successfully create your visualization solution to enable your business owners to make effective business decisions around that data?
  • [11:31] DEMO: Can you show us what this looks like?
  • [15:42] What does your technology roadmap look like?

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