(Part 1) Microsoft Azure for Amazon AWS Cloud Professionals: Getting Started

Play (Part 1) Microsoft Azure for Amazon AWS Cloud Professionals: Getting Started

The Discussion

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    I find it interesting your NOT using a MS EDGE or Internet Explorer Web Browser to show this ... You would think a MS based instruction would show / use it or make a mention on why using Firefox

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    We used Firefox in this session to showcase the cross-platform standards-based support for the Azure cloud platform - Any modern browser with HTML5/JavaScript/CSS support will work fine for web-based administration.  Hope this helps!

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    I want to use firefox tell me how to do that efficiently please

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    Romuald Sawadogo

    Hi Keith and Tiu

    Thanks for this presentation; I am wondering how one can leverage on Azure / AWS cloud infrastructure (VMs, Apps) while keeping users and business data (files, SQL Databases,) in his local storage; this is for confidentiality reasons. Is that scenario already discussed and what would be the impact on performance?

    Best Regards

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