TechNet Radio - Group Policy: Windows Vista, Longhorn Server, ADMX and the Central Store

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In this episode, Blain Barton sits down with Kevin Sullivan, a Lead Program Manager, and Jason Leznek, Senior Product Manager for Windows Vista to discuss the Group Policy evolution in Windows Vista.  Kevin and Jason will cover the details on Windows Vista and Longhorn Server Group Policy Basics, ADM vs. ADMX, ADML and discussing the central store.  Plus Michael Murphy brings you another customer interview from Launch Tour 2007.


Aurora Queen – Your Show Host and TechNet Radio Producer

Blain Barton – IT Pro Evangelist

Kevin Sullivan – Kevin has been working in the technology field focused on Microsoft management technologies since the early ‘90s. With IBM Global Services he worked on many Standard Desktop projects and SMS roll outs beginning prior to SMS 1.0. He began training and consulting on SMS, Windows and eventually Windows 2000 and Active Directory. Group Policy was a relatively heavy focus for customers as it was new, it was very different from System Policies and it was essentially a part of the Active Directory offering which was a huge paradigm shift for IT organizations. In the last seven years he’s worked for software companies as a Technical Product Manager assisting in all facets of product development. Working with developers to help them understand the customer needs has been a major focus of his work along with being a bit of a technical evangelist. Helping customers understand how Microsoft’s technologies fit into their environments has always been a critical component of his work.

Jason Leznek – Jason Leznek is a Sr. Product Manager for Windows Vista.  He has been with Microsoft for ten years working with enterprise customers on reducing the cost of ownership and operations of their desktop infrastructures. 

Michael Murphy – IT Pro Evangelist

Desmond Vassell – Desieco, Inc.

Dejan Kovacevic – Manhattan IT

Ash Idnani – Computer Place



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