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    What's Windows Virtualization business performance?

    Let's liquidate Microsoft cultural talks about virtualization from viewpoint of enterprise marketplace to SMB. Not all of commercial talks for virtualization bring nearly equals to what mainframe scale computing has demonstration of "thousands of instant L series system elements in Z massive computing set" for some 2 partnership years. IBM PR introduced a mainframe project which bought "management cost become lower". Windows Virtualization is enterprise, but actually in different performance scale from mainframe products.

    Windows enterprise server marketplace may ask for how system management could be different. Are there easier way to optimize resources allocation in server administration with Hyper-V? For example, typical deployment of enterprise search products estimates numerous server boxes and disk spaces for each of document feeding, indexing and querying. Today’s virtual PC solutions compose such machine deployment resources in single desktop environment for product solutions development and testing purpose. However that virtualization doesn’t mean virtualization-enabled business management and cost saving of virtual systems at all, and enterprise system may still stay in enterprise deployment scenarios.

    Even uprising SMB marketplace may want Windows Virtualization under strong pressure of financial cost control. An easy answer to SMB business forces is value of richer computing power beyond instant boxes management, lower power consumption, and smaller management efforts. Evangelists may tell "Buy 1 box and supply 4 times cost efficiency S+S with Hyper-V blueprint".

    I'd like to overstate that Windows Virtualization doesn't have true business value without virtualization-enabling Windows Management behind enterprise IT industrial scenes.

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