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    Where to see today's anti-Open Source business?

    Microsoft ever looked at anti-Open Source business model, but didn’t compete coincidentally with that different software licensing business model. Today's Open Source projects may meet Microsoft solutions with Open Source at Microsoft. With regarding to software marketplace withstanding solicited marketing conditions of MIXture between Open Source and anti-Open Source. Since Open Source classified software business solutions in which Microsoft may have the title of Express products, marketing psychology stopped looking up differentiated business position of Open Source where opposed Microsoft software business licensing model.

    How much Open Source business?

    From IT financial viewpoints, software assets became part of hardware equipments and services. For instance in Japan industry 2005, 601 companies expensed $1.22bi for hardware equipments while 560 companies did $0.57bi for software assets in telecommunication business category. A statistical analyst of Japan government services issued that software assets could earn only ~2%, and particularly more by selling as part of hardware equipments and services in major computer companies. Under short volume of investment to magnifying software business looked down, beside industrial behavior chose services including software atop SOA Interoperability. Unlike big software company Microsoft, the world leaders even denied sustainable software business without hardware services.

    Creating Business Partnership outside Developers Partnership?

    Conservative consideration of business creators might direct to shrink business opportunities of consumer model licensing software companies where Microsoft marketing occupies. Most of world business leaders might mislead and downturned industrial value of software business in advance to services centric government and industrial business relationships underneath major IT companies. It appeared for surpass Microsoft business practices to survive along marketing conception of software plus services virtual business development and programs management beside relatively weak IT industrial growth. Microsoft consequently did upturn sales performance in 2007, in reverse majority of Open Source software business did turndown under less revenue generating business management method of Open Source control for hardware assets.

    The fact is value of whole product solution is cheep in Microsoft partnering business, and Open Source industry leaders may choose services value with open connectivity involving Microsoft lobbying acts.

    Hero or new legendary software companies may not arise after Google and Yahoo. IT leading companies should have sustainable market and solution structures to take positive risks of software business investments. Don’t mislead educate of software marketplace where only product prices dace under investors relationships

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