TechNet Radio - How Microsoft Does IT: Enabling Information Security through HBI Information Classi

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With growth larger than Information Security processes could keep up with, the manual inspection of content and manual-email notification to SharePoint owners, Assessment and Compliance needed a solution to reduce the number one operational risk, the loss of sensitive information.

Eric Ostrowski - Your Show Host and TechNet Radio Producer

Kai Axford – Senior Security Strategist

Olav Opedal - Microsoft IT Security Program Manager.  Olav has worked for Microsoft for over five years, most of them in information security. He transitioned to a security program manager role for the compliance team in 2005 with responsibility for security updates and compliance with policy. His role is to ensure that the right technology and processes are in place to support Microsoft policies and standards. Since his move to the compliance team, he has been working on deploying solutions to safe guard sensitive information at Microsoft.



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