TechNet Radio - How Microsoft IT Deployed Windows Vista Wireless Group Policy

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New features in Windows Vista Wireless group policy provided the Microsoft Identity and Access Management (IAM) team with the ability to deploy a group policy object to automatically configure wireless network settings for Windows Vista and Windows XP clients.  The team was able to leverage the new interoperability feature to configure wireless network settings for both Windows Vista and Windows XP within a single group policy object in each domain.  The enhanced security features allowed the team to block clients from connecting to specific Adhoc networks and configure stronger authentication and encryption methods.  In this interview Michael Murphy speaks with Brian Davies about the team's design and deployment methods for the group policy rollout.


Aurora Queen – Your Show Host and TechNet Radio Producer

Michael Murphy
– IT Pro Evangelist

Brian Davies
As a Technologist on the Identity and Access Management team, Brian Davies is responsible for managing the Active Directory and Group Policy within all Microsoft IT managed domains and providing product feedback to the Windows product group.  He is currently working on the BitLocker Drive Encryption deployment within Microsoft for Windows Vista.  Brian has spent most of his 9 year career with Microsoft managing the Active Directory and Group Policy.



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