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Jeff Kahn, Product Manager, US Windows Server Marketing and Cathy Palmer, Lead Program Manager for HPC System Administration, chat about the market for HPC and Microsoft’s new and exciting offering for that market, Compute Cluster Server 2003.   Cathy details the steps in setting up a CCS cluster and explains what an Admin has to do to maintain a CCS cluster.  They also look at some interesting applications and scenarios for HPC and talk about how Microsoft is focusing on making management and deployment of such systems interoperate with existing enterprise infrastructure.


Aurora Queen – Your Show Host and TechNet Radio Producer

Jason Bennett – TechNet Content Manager

Jeffrey Kahn Mr. Kahn is a Product Manager in the US Windows Server Marketing team, responsible for driving market adoption of Windows Compute Cluster Server, Microsoft’s new offering for supporting lower cost, easier to use High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure.  In his current role, he’s primarily responsible for field training, supporting and expanding Microsoft’s HPC partner ecosystem, and customer awareness and demand generation.  Prior to Microsoft, Mr. Kahn spent 10 years in various marketing and sales roles for companies including American Power Conversion, Inacom Information Systems, Siebel Systems, SE Technologies (an enterprise software consulting firm), and Vigilos, Inc. (an Enterprise Security Management software company).

Cathy Palmer Dr. Palmer is a Lead Program Manager on the High Performance Computing (HPC) team.  The team’s responsibility is to define the system administration solution for Compute Cluster Server (CCS).   With a solid version one solution released in June 2006, her team is working with customers and partners to define the next version offering, which will leverage Longhorn services and performance and provide a comprehensive and easily to manage system tailored for high performance clustering.  Prior to joining Microsoft, Dr. Palmer spent 10 years at Cray, Inc., as an operating systems developer and as a software project leader for ASCI Red Storm, a 10,000 node MPP system for the Department of Energy.



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