TechNet Radio: IT Time - Valentine's Day Special! The 14 Things we LOVE about PowerShell

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Its time to break out the “We ♥ PowerShell” candy and cuddle up with your favorite PowerShell cmdlets as Dr. Love…er…we mean Dr. Scripto, joins us for this special Valentine’s Day edition of TechNet Radio. Tune in as Blain Barton and Ed Wilson dish out the PowerShell love advice and give us their Top 14 things they love about Windows PowerShell.

  • [1:17] I have a lot of workloads out there, is Windows PowerShell everywhere I need it to be?
  • [2:12] Is Windows PowerShell really readable code?
  • [3:10] Is it easy to get started with Windows PowerShell?
  • [5:54] Is Windows PowerShell well documented via the community, and via books and blogs? 
  • [7:32] I think I’m addicted to Windows PowerShell.  Should I see a doctor?
  • [9:12] We are on version 4.0 now- does PowerShell get better with age?
  • [10:16] Is Windows PowerShell easy to use? 
  • [11:08] I’ve been using PowerShell forever, but have some newbies that want to learn, is it easy to get help
  • [12:57] Is Windows PowerShell Self Discoverable? 
  • [14:06] Is Windows PowerShell Self Documenting?
  • [15:39] Does Windows PowerShell really save IT time
  • [17:38] Does Windows PowerShell really save IT money?
  • [20:12] Is knowing Windows PowerShell good for job security? 
  • [20:56] I don’t always script, but when I do, should I use PowerShell and why? 
  • [23:08] Are PowerShell and Azure meant for each other?
  • [24:54] A PowerShell Love Poem: “How do I love thee PowerShell….let me count the ways…”


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    The Discussion

    • User profile image

      If thy needeth them, here be the words from the PowerShell Love Poem

      How do I love Thee Powershell?
      Let me count the ways

      I love thee for thy Cmdlets
      A Verb and Noun to see
      that Simple pair of wonder
      unleashed for you and me

      I love thee for thy Objects
      Unlocked for all to use
      Their Methods and their Madness
      Yet never to do they bruise

      I love thee for thy Help
      Which makes life oh so fine
      The basics and examples
      And more of it -online

      I love thee for the Shell
      Oh Rich and lovely Blue
      that shimmers on the Flat Screen
      And makes me feel anew

      I love thy integration
      You see to work with all
      Using CIM and MOF
      You're always on the Ball

      Oh thy Workflows and Remoting
      Modules and DSC
      Easy to build Cmdlets
      That set the systems free

      On this brightest day of hearts
      With forgiveness in the air
      With Speakers Tweeting love
      Admins smiling without care

      I beg thee PowerShell
      and I'm asking on my knees
      forgive last Mondays use of Vbscript
      I ask you oh so please!


    • User profile image

      @Energized Tech PowerShell MVP ... dude, dude, dude ...

      $EnergizedTech = (-not (Stop-DayJob))



    • User profile image


      My badly written poetry is EXACTLY why I focus on Servers and Technology and doing well at what I do.... :)

      But what if I take up a Night job?


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