TechNet Radio: SQL 2008 Part 1 of 2: Security and Availability

Play TechNet Radio: SQL 2008 Part 1 of 2: Security and Availability

The Discussion

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    Set business domain to compete

    Having any idea to expand business domain of database solutions for SQL Server development partners? SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption may vibrate demands to security solutions in data storage industry. Security functions of business data encryption/ decryption is product value where to set price of data encryption/ decryption. Security vendors don’t have generic data protection functions for database storages, and it’s necessary for SQL Server to protect database stores in the way of SQL Server security solutions.

    Only the security solution supplier for the Database System

    Data encryption/ decryption is security business value where Security vendors cannot reach. For demanding security industry growth of health, the SQL Server team should educate security solution adoption to security marketplace. Raise value of SQL Server security solutions by maximizing product education of Transparent Data Encryption. Steal security business domain from SQL Server industrial development.

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