TechNet Radio: SQL 2008 Part 1 of 2: Security and Availability

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Listen to this two-part series as Bryan von Axelson talks with industry experts Kimberly Tripp and Paul S. Randall about what’s new in SQL 2008.  Part One focuses on Security and Availability

Eric Ostrowski - Your Show Host and TechNet Radio Producer

Bryan Von Axelson – IT Pro Evangelist

Kimberly L. Tripp - Kimberly L. Tripp is a SQL Server MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director and has worked with computers since 1985. Her career with database technologies began with IBM in 1988 and with Microsoft SQL Server in 1990. Since 1995, Kimberly has worked as a Speaker, Writer, Trainer and Consultant for her own company SYSolutions, Inc. (aka Kimberly is a writer/editor for SQL Server Magazine; was a founding writer for T-SQL Solutions magazine; was a technical contributor for the SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit; and co-authored the MSPress title SQL Server 2000 High Availability Kimberly has presented lectures and seminars at Microsoft TechEd and other SQL Server-related events since 1996 and is consistently top-rated both on quality of technical content and presentation style.

Paul S. Randal - Paul S. Randal is the Managing Director of, which he runs with his wife Kimberly L. Tripp.  Paul started in the industry in 1994 working for DEC on the VMS file system and its check/repair tools (the equivalent of chkdsk for NTFS. In 1999 he moved to Microsoft to work on SQL Server, specifically on DBCC. For SQL Server 2000, he concentrated on index fragmentation - well, removing it!  In 2007, after 8.5 years on the SQL Server team, Paul left Microsoft to join Kimberly running and pursuing his new-found passion for presenting and consulting. Paul regularly presents at conferences and user groups around the world on high-availability, disaster recovery, database maintenance, and Storage Engine internals.




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