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Shawn Hansen, Director of HPC Marketing, and Ryan Waite, Group Program Manager for HPC chat with Chris Avis about the evolution of HPC, from it’s roots in academic and government computing to its important role in enterprise computing. As the market evolves performance continues to be key but ease of use and interoperability with existing enterprise infrastructure become important. Shawn and Ryan talk about how Microsoft’s Compute Cluster Server meets these changing customer needs.


Aurora Queen – Your Show Host and TechNet Radio Producer

Chris Avis – IT Pro Evangelist

Shawn Hansen Shawn Hansen is Director of Marketing for High Performance Computing at Microsoft. Shawn is responsible for worldwide marketing and product strategy for Windows Compute Cluster Server.  Previous to Microsoft, Shawn led marketing and product management teams for the Server Networking and Virtualization Business Unit (SVBU) at Cisco Systems. Shawn joined Cisco Systems as part of its acquisition of Topspin Communications. Topspin had successfully become a market leader in I/O virtualization and InfiniBand technologies. Previously, Shawn Hansen held product management positions at CacheFlow and Novell, and holds a degree in Humanities and Japanese Literature from Brigham Young University.

Ryan Waite Ryan Waite is the Group Program Manager for High Performance Computing at Microsoft. Ryan is responsible for the technical design and technical partnerships of the HPC team. Ryan has been at Microsoft for almost 15 years, working in test, development, and program management roles on a variety of version 1.0 products including Exchange Server, Small Business Server, the Web Server Appliance, and for a change of pace, Windows Mobile for Smartphones. Ryan’s passions involve simplifying complex tools for use by the general computing community: Small Business Server allowed small businesses to harness the same types of server technologies previously used solely by large corporations, and Compute Cluster Server is bringing cluster based supercomputing to scientists, researchers, and engineers that would have previously found setting up and using a cluster a daunting task. Ryan lives in Seattle and in his spare time enjoys sailing, drinking, and sometimes both at the same time.



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