CES 2011: Kinect and Live Mesh

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    Superb, very cool, specially camera work Smiley

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    You know, sometimes I feel as if the Kinect is Microsofts excuse for not given us real gamers a better gaming system. The Xbox 360 is great and making it more like the Wii just does not cut it. I didnt always think about it like this but I came across an article called "Can you really hate Kinect". You can find the article here: http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2011/01/11/can-you-really-hate-kinect-poll/

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    Re: "real gamers", I totally agree.  I got a 360 and the Kinect on launch (PS3 owner), and so far it's just a nice piece of hardware.  The games that currently support it are horrific.  I didn't expect to be playing Call of Duty with it, but at best it's casual/family gaming.  For me, it's simply an expensive remote I use to watch media with now.

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    @_iLOVEtech_: @tristan: There are some of us that actually have a life. We've got kids and family, we don't sit all day blowing things up. That is why Wii is so popular, and Microsoft recognized this and outdid themselves with Kinect. Its a family-friendly device, good for Couch potatoes too. Maybe you guys should use Kinect more with friends and get some socials while getting fit.

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    If I'm logged into my Kinect-enabled XBox 360, I can initiate a video call with someone using Windows Live Messenger 2011 on a PC ... and they can accept that video call.  However, ...

    ... How does someone using Windows Live Messenger 2011 on a PC initiate a video call with me that I can actually accept when I'm logged into my Kinect-enabled XBox 360?  When I try this scenario, I see a prompt at the bottom of my XBox 360 screen that someone wants to video chat, but I don't see a way to switch over to Video Kinect and accept the video call.  What am I missing?

    Thanks In Advance For Any Help,
    Joshua Burkholder

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