Chatting with the Kinect Team's Alex Kipman, Kudo Tsunoda, and Darren Bennett

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The Discussion

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    I think it's cool they are letting the unibomber work on the kinect team.

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    as heartwarming as letting a fake degree "Doctor" work on Ps movi.

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    I should have paid attention to the title. I thought Tina's chatting with Kings of Leon. Blushing

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    Kinect has a great future, for example MS has already reduced the lag of Kinect down to 0.002 seconds in recent research (see: ). Cool stuff! Well done guys :).

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    The journey that Alex describes has only just begun. Where will this new age of computers that can see and reason about what they learn take us? What does it mean for the future of human-computer interaction and natural user interaction with computing devices?

    Nice interview, Tina.

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