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Corrinne Yu: Principal Engine Architect, Halo Team Microsoft

37 minutes, 33 seconds


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Corrinne Yu is Principal Engine Architect at Halo Team Microsoft. She is a 1st Party Halo Lead. She is the first and only female Technical Lead of the whole Microsoft Game Studios. With almost 20 years of programming experience in large companies, she has programmed games and engines since the beginning of the 3D game industry and was an early pioneer of game engine development. She has worked as Director of Technology of several 3D game companies like ION Storm and Gearbox and was Lead Programmer of an early version of the Prey engine. She is the first female founding member of Microsoft's Direct 3D Advisory Board and Graphics Advisory Board. Besides gaming, she had programmed on the Space Shuttle Project at Rockwell International California. She had designed and conducted accelerator experiments at LINAC in California and the accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Her nuclear physics research had won her a national award from the U.S. Department of Energy. She volunteered time in the past to advise on CUDA, visual computer and GPU simulation at NVidia. She remains active on the GAB and continues to volunteer time to review the designs of new Direct 3Ds.


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  • Great interview:

    • Lots of technical insight from someone at the top
    • First insight into any of the engineers at 343 (get a community site, ye slowpokes)
    Corrinne's passion & intelligence are kind of motivating, hope I can reach that level of confidence in my programming knowledge and experience.
    Guess this interview meant a little extra to me, because it has been my motivation to fufill the dream of being a programmer at Bungie (which 343 is certainly close to, for now).
    Hope ye do more of these.

  • Yeah this is maybe one of the best interviews I've seen on C9.  I'm working on an XNA 3D engine right now for fun targeting the Xbox 360 and this was so inspiring.


    Edit: Thanks for asking my question. Smiley

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    awsome stuff Smiley

    love to see more game development content here on channel9,both talking about history and technical deep dives into how stuff works,  and actual development stuff with xna and d3d and whatever Smiley

  • Very interesting interview.  The constant zooming in and out was a little distracting though.

  • It would be more professional if Corrinne was dressed more modestly.

  • figuerresfiguerres ???

    it would be more professional if we ignored some aspects of who was on camera.

    IMHO her dress was just fine. no where near some of the stuff i have seen.


    but I was trained in my youth to not drool over a nice looking lady.

  • Really interesting interview, I agree.


    And talk about a dream-girl, smart and extremely beautiful (I don't think there is anythign wrong with stating someone is beautiful).


    I disagree with you, fugerrest and I agree with DN2002.


    Let me say that neither her expertise and knowledge nor inerest in game programming that made me click on this video. There were two other great reasons for why I viewed this. And tell you what I am out of here.



  • figuerresfiguerres ???

    and you can't even copy my name without mis-spelling it?

  • um, yeah. Great interview. Dress was a bit unprofessional...

  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    Great interview!


    I wonder if Corrine is thinking of languages like Single-Assignment C or more along the lines of D.


    (Assuming the Larry Osterman interview will be of similar quality then we'll be in for a treat Smiley )

  • Great technical (for me) insight on some aspects of game programming. Glad to see some real concern about bugs, sometimes a simple bug might break the complete game experience.


    I would also like to see some opinions on D for game programming, that's one of the fields it seems promising.

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    I can't believe you guys would be so ... argh.  This woman has played a key role in creating many of my all time favorite games.  She'd school just about anyone and you're focusing on her clothing.  Pathetic.  Her clothing is not the least bit unprofessional, you are.

  • Great Interview. Definitely instilled some motivation.


    Her expertise and knowledge of development was..wow.


    Would like to see more like this.

  • She is hot, beautiful and intelligent. I dont think there is any fault in saying that.

    I see some of them have been knocked down by her personality Cool

    About dressing it is for her to decide what suits her professionally...

    honestly I was admiring everything about her...

  • What’s with all the unprofessional outfit comments? this is game development not accounting, how many game dev interviews have you seen with developers wearing a suit? (hint the answer is 0) pretty much everyone I've seen has been a T shirt wearing (you’re lucky if it’s clean) guy, you people are sexist, she is casually dressed for a casual work environment.

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    My thoughts exactly.  I haven't seen any negative comments about Eric Meijer's choice of clothing (and I don't have any complaints, I like his personality).

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    Great interview, real informative. Though whatever happened to those other interviews Tina was going to do?

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    totaly agree..

    focusing on anything but the knowledge and skillz conveyed in this interview is what's unprofessional.

    i would think niners had more sense

  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    Someone should erase those comments.

  • Great interview, lots of information about your career. The video was a little hard to watch as the person shooting it just keep zooming in and out constantly.



  • Thanks guys for your unenlightened comments (those critiquing her looks and dress).  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  She's obviously far more intelligent and talented than you or I could ever be.  It's one thing to think those things, another to write them as comments.  Grow up, and stop being unprofessional yourselves.  This sort of behaviour is very possibly why we have so few women working in software development.

  • People criticizing her dress are pathetic.  Can't believe it, and hopefully she doesn't care about these comments.


    Anways, she is incredibly smart it seems.  I still can't believe how bad ODST/Halo3 look when compared to other big games out there. 

  • RodrigoRdf

    Greate Interview


    Keep it up Corrine!

  • I really wonder who thought it was a good idea to keep the zoom pumping - they should apologize on camera: If you deem your pictures not interesting enough to keep the camera stable then don't bother and do an audio only interview instead. I seriously hope this ain't becoming the standard for C9 interviews now…

  • Chris Walkerlongnightmo​on crop_circles

    She makes me wish I had gone into 3d programming back when I was punching Fortran

  •  Nice interview, very informative. When she was talking about languages and how she thinks we're going to see a new version of C that can do more, Google Go immediately popped into mind, we'll see if that catches on.

  • I watched the short version on my 360 then went on to this site to watch the whole interview. There needs to be more technical interviews like this. I  really enjoy em.

  • Very good interview by an extreamly intelligent and beautiful woman.  Watched the short version on Xbox Live, then came here for the full.  I love how detailed and technical she was.  That is something that's missing from many game programming/design interviews.

  • voxievoxie If I only draw pretty things, does that make me prejudice?

    This woman is amazing... it's like her blood and soul oozes programming... She is the flesh reincarnation of programming itself! So inspirational, as I'm female and it's rare to see a woman speaking out here like she is. I'm a new fan!

  • you are such a loser. unprofessional? because a beautiful woman with nice breasts wears clothes that are flattering she is considered unprofessional? i think you need a reality check, plus you see the size of that ring on her finger, i think her husband could care less Smiley

  • JoeJoe

    @RedSev7en:  Does she dress that way at work?  If so, that is the female version of sexual harrassment by showing her breasts, wear makeup, and overall, exercise her sexual personal power?  If any male takes notice or makes the "wrong" comment, he can lose his job.  Very unprofessional to bring such a risk to the workplace.

  • ViktorViktor

    For all the naysayers that say women can not be (good/successful) programmers, this person is clearly proof of the opposite. Respect! :)

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