Corrinne Yu - Principal Engine Architect for Halo Team Microsoft: Part Two

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The Discussion

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    Ninja !

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    Where's part 3?

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    Awesome job! Thanks so much for doing this.

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    Great Interview! I agree with ZippyV "Where's part 3?" (ha-ha).


    Hope to see more.

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    King Whitey

    Part 1 was better.

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    "the guy" is johnny cheung(?) lee and he rocks Smiley



     not sure im anyone to argue with the likes of corrine but i do disagree that one should always try and get as close to the metal as possible.. im not sure thats even possible with pc (vs console) because of the massive hardware diversity, but even so, corrine argues that for every game you should rewrite your shading because that perticular game will have diffrent requirement and also that writing a general shading algorithim is not possible.

    well fine, but in that case shouldnt we write a diffrent shading algorithm for each individual shadow?  what i mean is that you'll always have to generalize a little Smiley


    by not over specifying exactly how every pixel should be drawn the system can do optimizatins that would be impractical for a human to do.. i guess im biased since im a managed developer.. Smiley

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