E3 2010: Interview with Kinect's Kudo Tsunoda

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Kudo Tsunoda is the creative director behind Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360.  He has been in the gaming industry for many years and has quite the resume.  We talk about some of the early launch titles for Kinect and how as creative director he decides what genre of games he wants to see played with the sensor. 



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The Discussion

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    @Tina: When can we expect the video with the questions we asked in the coffehouse?

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    kudo has a great point that hordcore games doenst have to be about gore and headshots, its about depth.. however so far no depth has been shown with kinect :/ microsoft really need to show that they havent made the same mistake as nintendo and that a low barrier of entry doesnt mean a low barrier of exit


    wiisports was incredibly shallow and kinect sports to name one looks exactly like that.. maybe there are more depth in there but i really think that needs to be shown alot more. fable is another example of a deep game but there has been no info so far from e3 about kinect integration there, even though peter partialiy confirmed that something is happening there. so far no game that has been shown with kinect even has a story to talk about..



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    Does Kinect knows where exactly the TV's display is (relative to kinect's location) ?

    So is it possible to calibrate the Kinect to konw where exactly the TV's display is, and when I point to the screen it creates a line from 2 points definied by my finger and eye and calculates where this line intersects the TV display so it could be something like an air-touch, and with this kind of navigation it would feel very natural to interact with apps. (when we point somewhere with our finger, the finger is on the pointed object form our viewpoint).


    Will Kinect be available for PC or maybe for the new TV OS Microsoft doing ? OR Will we be able to run Silverlight on XBOX 360 ? Because it would be a waste to not use Kinect for more than games.


    And finally... I heared somewhere that the new XBOX has a "combined" CPU-GPU... does this mean that maybe it supports DirectCompute and could we expect to use the GPU for the image processing of Kinect so it could operate on higher framerate (less lag) ?



    Oh and the most important... when can we expect SDK for Kinect ?

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    kinect does not have any knowledge of the tv in it self, however it should be possible to have software determine the exact position using some calibration.. it gets really interesting if you factor in using multiple projectors Smiley if a virtual duplicate of the physical environment around the user can be modeled, you could to parallax 3d [aka head tracking by johnny lee] but across a wall.. or you could have a projector pointing at your coffe table and in conjunction with connect make a "surface" style interaction service, but with head tracking as well...


    ofcourse thats not really feasble for the xbox, but bill gates him self has dropped hints that kinect tech is coming to windows some time in the future... cant wait Smiley

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