E3 2010: Kinect Interview with George Andreas

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    I'm probably going to pick it up but more because of the technology potential and the dashboard integration than the launch games.  I wish they had a broader array of games at launch.   I know they're trying to push the whole "controller-free gaming" message hard, but some "hybrid" games that use conventional controllers and Kinect to enhance the experience (like head-tracking) would have been nice and would have satisfied core gamers.


    Also kind of scared that all the demos at E3 were done standing up, even while watching a movie!  You can use this on the couch, behind the coffee table, right?

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    excellent interview tina, you asked alot of the questions that i had, unlike the keynote i might add. the only problem is that its too short Big Smile


    its great to hear that people at microsoft are thinking about kinect and deeper games as well, but i do disagree that kinect cant bring twitch shooters something [though i'd argue that arent really any true 'twitch' games on any console, pc is king there Wink], i think thats exactly what you could to with kinect. running,  shooting and strafing with a controler and aiming with kinect (holding the controller like the butt of a gun in the left hand) is something that i really think could work.


    another cool thing would be to use the head + hand tracking to work out the position of the controller in the players had with relation to their head. doing this you could sort of crouch/curl up, bringing the controller closer to the head to sneak for example, that'd be perfect for Assassins Creed or theif. Such a mechanic would work well stting down and would not be tiering since you're basically sitting like would normally do, elbows resting on your legs.


    another exampel is strafing and dodging by moving the controller left or right in relation to your head, this would free up your right thumb for other stuff. commanding teammates is another example.. switching weapons and throwing grenades is another.. the list goes on Smiley


    one thing i as a dev would want is a SDK Smiley please pleeeeease make an sdk available, even if there is no hardware, even if its only docs, give me something /cry Smiley the sooner an sdk is released the sooner the community can start making games like this, and you woudnt have to wait til genereation 2


    i really hope there will be more kinect content on c9, it has such a huuuuuge potential and im hoping now that kinect is announced microsoft will actually let more people play with it and share more details


    tina, do you have any other kinect stuff coming?

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    There is a way how kinect could work with shooters.
    I build this for PC and it works realy great.


    You stil use a normal controller and you can switch any time between "normal" dual sticks mode and motion controls.
    This way you are not forced to use motion control all the time.

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