GDC 2010: XNA Game Studio 4.0

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I wrap up GDC 2010 with an interview with Shawn Hargreaves about XNA Game Studio 4.0.  I think Microsoft picked a perfect event to show off XNA Game Studio 4.0.  With XNA 3.1 developers were able build games that ran on the Zune, Xbox 360 and Windows PC's, but 4.0 is going to include the Windows Phone 7 series.  Here is some info below on some of our other GDC 2010 content.  Don't forget to watch Channel 9 during MIX10 to get all of your Windows Phone 7 information. 

Power Gig:  Rise of the Six String
Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect 2, Lego Harry Potter
Microsoft Phone 7 with Xbox Live 



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The Discussion

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    Does this mean the hardware requirements for WM7 are more powerful than Zune HD?

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    that halo demo in the back looks sweet!

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    so what kind of feature set in trems of 3d does xna4 have? shaders? (what level), compute shaders even?

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    Michael Klucher

    They aren't actual programmable shaders but configurable effects available through the XNA Framework. We have a few of them available that can be customized through C#.

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    ok Smiley dx11 on windows phone had been hot though Smiley maybe for rev2 Smiley

    looking forward to more info at mix

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    They said there's no HLSL support at launch for Phone, probably at a later release (but nothing official yet).  It ships with some set of fixed-function effects.

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    OpenGL ES 2.0 is entirely shader based (like DirectX 10) and supported on the iPhone 3GS. Granted very few programs use it because older versions of the hardware only support the fixed function OpenGL ES 1.1, but still, shader support should be in a new device IMO. Fixed function is so old fashioned.

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    ok :/

    it whould seem like the tegra2 chips would support some shaders atleast.. but i dont know really Smiley like rhm said, fixed functions just seems so 2004 Wink


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