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Cliff Bleszinski is the Design Director at Epic Games. In this video, he talks about the success of the Unreal Engine and the tool set that allows devs to work smarter not harder.  As outlined via the previous link, "Unreal Engine 3 is a complete development framework for DirectX 10-equipped PCs, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, providing the vast array of core technologies, content creation tools, and support infrastructure required by top game studios, advanced visualization and simulation developers and creators of linear 3D animated content."

Epic Games also just finished up the Make Something Unreal contest, where the winner received a free Unreal Engine license. Epic creates games for both the PC and the 360, and Cliff talks about the differences between them as well as giving his opinion about his hands-on experience with Natal. I also asked some questions from C9 forum members Cream Filling 512, and Dan, to name just a few. 



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    DirectX 10 is now outdated, how about some DirectX 11 love. From 10 to 10.1 there seemed to be a performance boost in games that support it. Is something more efficient there? It also seems to be the case for DX 11. The speed difference is not insane, but it is significant.


    I tried this in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Set the game to 10 to 10.1 and 11.

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    Thanks for asking Niners' questions, Tina! Smiley

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    hot damn, cliffyB on c9.. that's all kinds of awsome Smiley


    one thing though, where did you gather the questions from the niners? i would have loved to ask some questions but i missed out on where to post them :/ when charles did that Rico Mariani interview he posted a thread on the main c9 page asking for questions, it would be great if you could post there too when when preparing for interviews like this Smiley

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    Woohoo, Tina said my name right! Smiley It's amazing how many people mess it up.


    Thanks Tina and Cliff for doing this interview.

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    Two things: 1) The Larry Osterman interview. 2) Tim Sweeney! Smiley

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    Yes Tim Sweeney would be great for sure.  I did get to talk to him while I was there but not on camera.  I will see what I can do exoteric. 

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    Hey Al,


    Tina added a thread in the coffeehouse for niners to ask questions to Smiley

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    i see, i find that threads get pushed of the first page in the coffeehouse fairly quickly and as much as i like to im not able to keep up with that.. i'll try harder though Smiley


    dont know what the progression of revolution9 is but a centralized way to ask questions for future vidios would be a killer feature Smiley


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    Al - it's a feature request we've gotten before for Channel 9 Live so if we build something we could/should generalize for pre-interviews too.

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