MMA - Mixed Martial Arts is the brand new title from EA Sports

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The Discussion

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    Let's also give the little guys (THQ) some love:


    UFC 2010 Undisputed



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    You are posting advertisements about games? I would understand if it was Xbox 360/PC exclusive but this...

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    Yeah, seems very odd. Doesn't fit well with the ordinary C9 content it probably fit better on

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    Maybe EA paid top dollar to put this in here.

    Tongue Out

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    I think he was referring to Minhs first posting, but you are right. This video is very odd and i have the feeling, that this kind of videos appear more and more on C9 lately. Just look at the DIY Media Center video. It's purely a promotional video. I really don't like what's happening here lately.

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    It's still going to take a while to beat the THQ game...though EA is a big name in sports games. Nontheless, I think competition in this area can be useful.

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