MMA - Mixed Martial Arts is the brand new title from EA Sports

Play MMA - Mixed Martial Arts is the brand new title from EA Sports
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EA is coming out with a brand new Xbox 360 title called EA Sports MMA. MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a sport that is becoming more and more popular. In this video, I talk to Randy Chase, who is one of the producers of the game. Randy breaks down some of the game's development process and talks about some of the technology behind the scenes. The trailer for the game is now live on the EA website



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The Discussion

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    Let's also give the little guys (THQ) some love:


    UFC 2010 Undisputed



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    You are posting advertisements about games? I would understand if it was Xbox 360/PC exclusive but this...

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    Yeah, seems very odd. Doesn't fit well with the ordinary C9 content it probably fit better on

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    Maybe EA paid top dollar to put this in here.

    Tongue Out

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    I think he was referring to Minhs first posting, but you are right. This video is very odd and i have the feeling, that this kind of videos appear more and more on C9 lately. Just look at the DIY Media Center video. It's purely a promotional video. I really don't like what's happening here lately.

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    It's still going to take a while to beat the THQ game...though EA is a big name in sports games. Nontheless, I think competition in this area can be useful.

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