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    Great job!!

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    Dathan Nicholson

    Video didn't work on iPhone

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    @Dathan Nicholson: it's a silverlight launched video - that'll probably be why it didn't work

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    @Dathan Nicholson: Just click on the MP4 link to the right of the video.

    @Tina, great work as usual. I really love hearing designers tell the stories of what they've worked on.

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    Great, but would have liked to hear some talk about the choice of colors too. Transforming d-pad is nice, but why such a light grey and monochrome buttons? The new (slim) Xbox is only sold in black, the elite was black... only fairly old 360s are still white. Will there be a version of this controller with a black top?

    The monochrome A B X Y buttons seem like an odd choice to me too. All the games will show the original colors of the buttons in the manuals as well as in-game, this will confuse people.

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    You know, I was all excited about the new controller and went to Best Buy to get two. Except they had no clue what I was talking about. Then I called Gamestop and they also didn't have a clue what I was talking about. "Huh? For what console did you say this was...?"

    Where can I get these?

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    Oh, I have another question...

    Are the ABXY buttons exactly the same physical size as the old controller's? I ask because I don't like the new colors and I would have no problem swapping the buttons around from an older controller (it's not too difficult to open these controllers if you know how).

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    wow this guy say 'right' a lot, right?he should think about not doing it because it's very annoying, right ?
    someone should tell him that, right?
    other then that,  this video was a bit thin, was somewhat close to interesting but still disappointing none the less.....right?

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    Can't wait, look at 4:10 when he has his arms up, the Kinect sensor reacts on his hands xD

    Nice work on the controller!

    - Martin

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    I prefer the old controllers. :/

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