One of the inventors of Human Skeletal Tracking - Jamie Shotton

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Jamie Shotton is one of the inventors of Human Skeletal Tracking—he works in Microsoft Research Cambridge and dropped by the states, and our studio, to chat about this great invention. Human skeletal tracking employed in Kinect is a great example of collaboration between MSR and Microsoft product teams. The Kinect team provided a significant amount of the basic research of this technology in addition to implementing it in the shipping product. MSR provided some of the basic science research. Great partnership. Incredible product!



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The Discussion

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    awsome, and technical too. great work tina! if only it was longer Smiley

    how a bout a GD followup? Wink

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    Mr Crash
    Source code or it didn't happen...

    Somewhat lousy interview, come on Tina, the geeks needs feeding.
    We actually like to know how it works the more details the better.

    What about how it handles disappearing limbs, ex. hide your arm behind your back or another person/object blocking the limbs ?
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    I know aL_ I feel like I could talk to some of these peeps for days but sometimes we're just limited on time.  I will start reaching back out from questions for you guys on some of these. 


    I got ya Mr.  Crash.  Thanks for the feedback.  I'm not a developer but I will do my best to reach out to developers before hand for questions so you don't feel left out.   Smiley 

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    I thought the core principles of skeletal tracking were addressed and the time it took to understand them was expedited. Thanks, Tina.


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    The link to Microsoft Research is incorrect, it should be not

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