The tech behind Kinect: Major subsystems, RGB camera, Depth Sensor

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Raghu Murthi and Albert Panello talk about some of the technology behind the Kinect, including the below points:

  • Three major subsystems in the sensor (Optical, Audio, Motor)
  • Optical consists of depth projector and sensor
  • RGB Camera
  • Depth Sensor
  • Motor Subsystem
  • Audio Subsystem



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The Discussion

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    Not much tech info here. Is there a plan for a more in-depth video?

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    Not a lot of new information in there, certainly have no idea 'what makes kinect tick'

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    This is a high level overview. It is not intended to go very deep. You can't get into the gory details in under 5 minutes and, again, that is not the intention of this series. Tina is working on getting more detailed information, but as you can imagine the Kinect team only wants to go so far...


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    @Charles: The title 'The tech behind Kinect' got my hopes up! Smiley

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    @charles, no you cant, witch is why it shoulnd have been only 5 minutes Smiley

    the title of this video really got me exceted but it doesnt really contain much techical information.
    it actually feels more like a commercial...

    anyhow, where are these "other" developer diaries? havent seen them on channel9 atleast. maybe they are coming?



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      Well  !  I'm  interesting  in  the  Kinect.

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    We are always reaching out to get more of the dev story.  Those efforts are always happening.  As Charles mentioned this is a high level overview really for the geek not the dev.  But like I said.  "We are working on it"

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    hey, anything on kinect is good from my view..

    my critisism goes out to the kinect team and microsoft in general for not beeing more open about kinect. That isnot tinas fault nor is it channel9s

    im reasonably sure kinect will be a success despite of the team ignoring the community and not adressing the concerns people in the industry are having. its just going to take a bit longer.

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    there is apparently another dev diary available with some tips on setting up kinect. it does hoever look like they want you to throw our your coffey table.. we'll see i guess.

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    ew!!a buy me video, wtf !!i expected a tech info video and all i get is PR crap, low blow microsoft !!

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