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Most of us own a PC, most of us own an Xbox 360 and most of us will be installing Windows 7.  So what exactly can Windows 7 and your Xbox 360 do together?  I sit down for a chat with Ben Reed as he takes us through the new Windows 7 Extender for Windows Media Center.  I also ask him the questions you suggested in the coffeehouse.   



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The Discussion

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    Cool, almost missed this (was that 11 new videos yesterday on Channel 9?). 


    I have an XBOX connected to a projector linked to a (Vista)  Media Centre PC so looking forward to upgrading to Win7. 

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    Love the video! Nice to know your Xbox can wake up your PC!


    Any word about more support in different countries? In belgium we have our own digital television providers and on demand services. Is anybody looking into localisation of these tools?

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    so media center supports dlna? media pcs runs media center, not media player so not supporting dlna in meda center is a big problem..

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    So if it has been there since the Beta, why does the 360 not show up in my list of play to devices? And why didn't you guys actually show it in the video? All I saw was some scrolling about in Media Center.


    Weird. I'll look into it some more when I install the RTM. Anyway, informative video, thanks!

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    Nice video. I was also disappointed that they didn't show the "play to" demo that Ben walked through.


    BTW, Tina's HOT! She should get together with Laura Foy to collaborate on a video.

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    I am excited for all of the project natal games to come out once that is released at the end of 2010.

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    What about controlling the set top box from the PC? I have Verizon FIOS service.  There is a clunky infra red type cable that runs from my TV tuner card in the PC and glues onto the front of the Verizon supplied set top box.  Changing the TV station in Media Center actually sends a signal to the set top box thru the infra red cable that emulates the Verizon supplied remote. Not very high tech!  Do I still need to do that in Windows 7 Media Center?



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    Ben Reed
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    Ben Reed

    I use my PC with Verizon FIOS without using the supplied set top box.  I use Digital Cable Tuners with CableCARD to get the TV channels into Windows Media Center.

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    Ben Reed

    We've added support for a good number of international TV standards.  Was there a particular standard that you were interested in?

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    I bought win 7 the other day and have some comments about how I would like it to work.


    First: Internet tv through media center extender on 360 is missing.... why?  It was in vista, why take it out?


    Second:  The windows media center desktop gadget should play videos in the small box instead of launching into media center.  If I want full screen I'll double click it.  The point of a gadget should be to catch the users attention, then preview, and finally watch if it is interesting.


    Third:  Why is there no xbox live gadget showing you when your friends are online and what games they are playing?  Thats a simple concept.  I would like to be reading news, email, or my favorite blogs, see a friend come online, and then go to my xbox and join a game.  This should be a gadget available out of the box.


    Other than that, everything works pretty well.  Leaps and bounds over my experience with vista, however lacking these types of extra functionality really is a shame.  It turns what could be a phenomenal experience into just a good experience. 

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