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    this is simply awesome! Thanks justin, I am now fan of your videos!! They are simple yet effective.. please give more like this on new things which are coming out!
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    Cool - I am glad you like the video.

    Here are some others I am planning:
    1) WCF and Message Encodings
    2) WCF and WS-*
    3) WCF Architecture (short and extended versions)
    4) The Web via WCF in Orcas (short and extended versions)
    5) Syndication in .NET Fx 3.5

    I am open to other ideas -- if you have suggestions / comments I'd love to hear em.

    --Justin Smith
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    Cool presentation! I’m looking for guidance on how to consume WCF Service using an asp.net client, can you point me in the right direction
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    It is hard for a Browser to process the XML returned from a .NET Fx 3.0 service. If you want to do that, then I suggest using Orcas (.NET Fx 3.5 beta). JSON messaging is introduced in that release.

    If you want to consume a WCF service from an ASP.NET application (in a managed language), then you don't have to do anything different from what I show. Just new up a ChannelFactory<T> (or ClientBase<T>) and you are good to go. For reference, a svcutil.exe generates a ClientBase<T> for you (https://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa347733.aspx).

    --Justin Smith
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    Hi Justin,

    This is very good and informative.

    Do you have video which explains WCF throttling?

    Please help me out for this.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Girish Kumar V
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    At my company we are looking at different communication frameworks for a future distributed application.
    Some clients and services have to run on Linux and Unix.
    A framework specially designed for distributed environment should support many OSes.
    What are the odds  for WCF to run on other OS-es. Thanks.

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    WCF can not run on other OS such linux so far,as I know.

    Microsoft seems does want to ransplant it to other plantform.

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