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WCF is all about services. Its features cover a broad spectrum of functionality - ranging from WS-* based interoperability to URI-centric REST architectures. As a result of these capabilities, there are many configuration "knobs" in the WCF API. These features and their associated API sometimes leads to confusion, especially when first approaching WCF. Rather than attempt to tunnel into all of the the nuanced capabilities of WCF, this screencast focuses on the high-points of WCF. In just a few minutes (eight I think), I build a receiving application (service), a sending application (client), and change both several times.

This demo is very similar to the one I normally give in my WCF 101 talks. I've found that this approach helps WCF newcomers focus on the basics. After all, understanding the basics must come before understanding nuances.


WCF, Web Services



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The Discussion

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    this is simply awesome! Thanks justin, I am now fan of your videos!! They are simple yet effective.. please give more like this on new things which are coming out!
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    Cool - I am glad you like the video.

    Here are some others I am planning:
    1) WCF and Message Encodings
    2) WCF and WS-*
    3) WCF Architecture (short and extended versions)
    4) The Web via WCF in Orcas (short and extended versions)
    5) Syndication in .NET Fx 3.5

    I am open to other ideas -- if you have suggestions / comments I'd love to hear em.

    --Justin Smith
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    Cool presentation! I’m looking for guidance on how to consume WCF Service using an asp.net client, can you point me in the right direction
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    It is hard for a Browser to process the XML returned from a .NET Fx 3.0 service. If you want to do that, then I suggest using Orcas (.NET Fx 3.5 beta). JSON messaging is introduced in that release.

    If you want to consume a WCF service from an ASP.NET application (in a managed language), then you don't have to do anything different from what I show. Just new up a ChannelFactory<T> (or ClientBase<T>) and you are good to go. For reference, a svcutil.exe generates a ClientBase<T> for you (https://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa347733.aspx).

    --Justin Smith
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    Hi Justin,

    This is very good and informative.

    Do you have video which explains WCF throttling?

    Please help me out for this.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Girish Kumar V
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    At my company we are looking at different communication frameworks for a future distributed application.
    Some clients and services have to run on Linux and Unix.
    A framework specially designed for distributed environment should support many OSes.
    What are the odds  for WCF to run on other OS-es. Thanks.

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    WCF can not run on other OS such linux so far,as I know.

    Microsoft seems does want to ransplant it to other plantform.

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