High-performance Analytics with REvolution R and Microsoft HPC Server

Play High-performance Analytics with REvolution R and Microsoft HPC Server
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Statistical data analysis is a key part of the operations of just about every business today. But as data sets get larger, analyzing trends or generating predictions becomes more and more of a challenge. If you're doing predictive modeling today and find that you can no longer use all of your data because of size limitations, or the computations are taking too long for you to take action on the results, then the parallel-processing capabilities of Microsoft HPC Server can help. In this webinar, we'll introduce the R language for statistical computing, and show how the easy-to-use parallel programming capabilities of REvolution R Enterprise work with a HPC cluster to cut processing times by an order of magnitude or more. We'll give practical examples of how to speed up many kinds of analytic computations, from simple summary statistics to cutting-edge tools like ensemble predictive models.



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