MSDN Webcast: Acumem software improves performance and power efficiency for Windows applications in just minutes

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New tools are needed to assist Windows developers to take full advantage of the potential of multicore processors. Acumem’s performance debugger, ThreadSpotter is one such tool and is now available for Windows and Visual Studio.

Unlike a traditional profiler, which only identifies the sections of the application where most of the execution time is spent, a performance debugger automatically monitors and analyzes the behavior of an application, identifies the location and nature of performance bugs and suggests how they can be removed. Acumem’s performance debugger automatically analyzes how well your application makes use of the target multicore architecture, pinpoints performance problems and suggests necessary fixes. Bugs related to both thread interaction and non-optimal use of the memory hierarchy are identified at the click of a button.

During this webcast we will introduce the new performance debugger technology from Acumem that recently has been made available for Windows programmers, both as a stand-alone version and as a Visual Studio plug-in. We will use Acumem ThreadSpotter to demonstrate the analysis and fix of popular open-source applications in minutes. Performance improvements or energy savings of up to 30 times are demonstrated.

Presenter:         Erik Hagersten, CTO of Acumem AB



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