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This sample code demonstrates one of the earlier creative ways of providing an Excel client integrated solution for windows compute cluster server.  WCCS is the version 1 of the Microsoft high performance computing solution. The Excel CCS adaptor sample makes its User Defined Function calls through job submission, COM Proxy and file shares, it works with both V1 and V2 of the product.  The adaptor tool's auto proxy distributor allows an end user to cluster-enable their XLLs without having to do any additional programming.

Version 2 of the product will fully support the new WCF Broker model architecture, where short calls can be efficiently served by WCF SOA model. 

We will be looking at more ways to integrate Excel-HPC solutions in the near future.

Source code is avaiable on



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The Discussion

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    I have two questions:

    1. Does this work with Excel version prior to Excel 2007, namely Excel 2003 or Excel 2000?

    2. The example folder of the downloaded file is empty, i.e. the CPULoad.xll and interp32.xll files mentioned in the screencast are missing. Moreover the demo Excel spreadsheet interp.xlsx is also not present. Is it possible to get these files from somewhere?

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