Numerix Portfolio and Windows HPCS2008:Raising the Bar on Pricing & Risk Performance

Play Numerix Portfolio and Windows HPCS2008:Raising the Bar on Pricing & Risk Performance
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The recent market conditions have forced financial institutions to reexamine how derivatives are priced and are taking in-depth looks into the risks in their portfolios. They are looking at new measure for credit, market and liquidity risk – at the desk level and from an enterprise perspective.


Learn how Numerix, the global leader of independent pricing and valuation services for derivatives and structured products and Windows HPC Server, together, implement consistent, enterprise-wide pricing policies with common risk measurements; and how Numerix, combined with Windows HPC Server can increase performance pricing and risk infrastructure for desktop and enterprise-wide use.

Numerix is the industry standard for pricing and risk. Its front-office derivatives deal-structuring, trade-capture and portfolio-management system, Numerix Portfolio, is the recommended infrastructure solution for the compute grids Windows HPC Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008. It includes support for a wide range of fixed-income, credit, equity and FX deals, providing a more responsive solution for handling today’s market challenges. Any financial services entity that issues, structures, prices and/or runs risk on derivates will benefit from  the enhanced performance of Numerix and Windows HPC Server integration for high-volume or data-intensive calculations. Join us to learn how to compute more in the time you have, achieving increasing risk infrastructure performance and accuracy.



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