The Power of Parallel: Parallel Debugging with Visual Studio and Allinea DDTLite on Windows HPCS2008

Play The Power of Parallel: Parallel Debugging with Visual Studio and Allinea DDTLite on Windows HPCS2008
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The era of cluster computing and Multicore drives change for Windows Developers, with development shifting to Threads and Parallel. Microsoft and its rich partner’s ecosystem provide solutions to meet the challenges of parallel development and to accelerate the speed and flexibility of Microsoft Windows applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.  Learn how to harness the power of Multicore, using your current Visual Studio programming experience with Visual Studio and Allinea DDTLite running on Windows HPC Server.


Until now, programmers could not both develop and debug parallel code, either using Threads or MPI (Message Passing Interface) and MPI.NET without having to change tools.  Learn about how Microsoft protects and enhances your existing development tools and skills; and how Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, combined with Allinea DDTLite allows you to migrate to your Windows applications to threaded and MPI without disruption. 


Allinea DDTLite offers truly parallel debugging for Visual Studio 2008.  DDTLite is a Visual Studio plug-in that provides easy, intuitive parallel control in an unobtrusive, integrated way to bring true parallel programming to Visual Studio 2008.  With DDTLite, programmers can still use the familiar Visual Studio 2008 features and increase parallel productivity.  Running on Windows HPC Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Allinea DDTLite  provide the optimal development environment and tools to help ease the transition to, and reduce the cost of parallel development.   Join us to learn areas to target and how to get started!



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