Turnkey Dual-Boot Clusters: Clustercorp presents Rocks+Hybrid - a simple Windows/Linux Cluster solution

Play Turnkey Dual-Boot Clusters: Clustercorp presents Rocks+Hybrid - a simple Windows/Linux Cluster solution
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Please join Clustercorp and Microsoft to learn about Rocks+Hybrid -- a combination of the commercial version of the Rocks® Cluster Distribution for Linux and Microsoft Windows® HPC Server 2008.  The joint solution is a simple to use product for deploying dual-boot HPC systems that run Linux and Windows natively in a single cluster.  In this webcast we'll discuss Rocks+Hybrid from both an end-user and architectural perspective -- attendees will come away with a new perspective on how easily they can make dual-boot clusters a part of their data center!

In a hybrid environment, the Rocks+ head node provides the same services as in a homogeneous Rocks+ environment. The Rocks+ standard node discovery process is largely unchanged, except that when a hybrid node is discovered, the system is automatically configured for the dual-boot nature of the hybrid nodes. Newly discovered nodes will install both Linux and Windows operating systems onto the local drive without user intervention, then return to running Rocks+ at the end of the install process – ready to run end-user applications in either operating system.

Rocks+ also enables continued management and maintenance of hybrid clusters with Windows HPC Server. Rocks+ uses an end-to-end Linux-Windows deployment scheme any time a change is made to the stack, which means nodes are set in a known good state.  This allows for simple maintenance, upgrades, and even push-button replacements of failed nodes.  Adding a node to a Rocks+Hybrid cluster is as simple as powering the server on with it set to PXE (network) boot.  Don't miss this informative webcast!



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