Windows HPC WCF Integration Part 1/4

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In this video, Ming Xu, our program manager at Windows High Performance Computing Group explains the new WCF architecture on Windows HPC V2.  He shows us step by step, how to create WCF High Performance Computing applications.  (Part 1/4)



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The Discussion

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    great presentation!  it adds more clarity to samples provided around hpc.  question - if one invokes execution of some code on a particular node through this method, can that code call another operation (or the same) hosted in the same 'hpc-service' from which it was originally invoked?  does this pseudo-recursive scenario pose any known problems (besides the need to accordingly structure ones code) when (in my shot at the plain vanilla non-wcf HPC equivalent) a node executing a task tries to start a new job? - thanks!
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    sorry, having trouble editing but i wanted also propose what the implicaitons of setting Min and Max units might be in the context of  the scenario i proposed.

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    Having trouble viewing this, both online streaming and via download.  I have tried other presentations, and they work, just not the four in this series.  I have also tried on multiple machines & browsers.


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