Ade Miller and Patterns of Parallel Programming

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While technically the PDC this year starts on November 17th, the day before that we will be hosting a set of day-long intensive workshops on several specific topics.

One of these workshops will focus on the Patterns of Parallel Programming in order to help developers understand how the applications they are developing can, and should, be designed to take advantage of the multi-core processers which are now becoming common.

In this episode, Ade Miller stops by to share with us the importance of understanding parallelism and some of the issues which need to be considered and how it isn't just a "recompile" to make your applications ready.

You can get more details about this workshop on the PDC website here:

If you are planning on attending this workshop, feel free to post comments, thoughts, and issues to the discussion thread here so that Ade and the other speakers be sure to try to incorporate your needs in their training material.



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