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    Bill Moore

    Great review.

    Look for a TuneIn update this month for Windows Phone that uses FM tuning for local stations - the app automatically sense good reception to use instead of a stream. You'll need to enable the feature in TuneIn settings and use headphones for the FM tuner.

    The FM saves bandwidth, saves battery, starts instantly, improves selection (not all stations have a stream or compatible stream), and means all content is available (some professional sports games are not streamed). When reception is good we'll use it.

    Users can flip back and forth to the stream by clicking a new icon near stop.

    The app has the same global and on-demand selection where streams are essential. But half of listening thru TuneIn/RadioTime is local where a stream may not be needed.

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    My oh my Mr Clinick, I wondered what happened to you . The last time we talked I was win2k PM, you were vbscript guru

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