Developing Windows Azure applications for PHP, Ruby, and Java, using Eclipse

Play Developing Windows Azure applications for PHP, Ruby, and Java, using Eclipse
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In our previous episode, Vijay Rajagopalan shared with us some of the details about a session he did at MIX09 which showed how Microsoft was providing support for building Silverlight applications using Eclipse on either Windows or even on other platforms as well.

In today’s episode Vijay shares with us the details regarding some new interoperability support which will similarly allow PHP developers to use the Eclipse IDE to develop for and deploy to Windows Azure, and provide Java developers with a new Windows Azure SDK, making their life much easier when they use Windows Azure storage services in particular. He’ll also describe how Microsoft is working to make sure that Eclipse itself is a great Windows 7 application and how it will enable developers to write applications which can take full advantage of special Windows 7 features.


And you can find more information about these interoperability tools here:



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