Integrating Microsoft Silverlight with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010

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The upcoming release of Sharepoint 2010 will provide features and capabilities which will allow it to directly support Silverlight development and controls. At PDC09, Paul Stubbs held a session where he showed off many of these features, and walked the audience through the process of how to utilize Silverlight from a Sharepoint website.

In this episode, I meet with Paul, and he briefly shows us how easy it is to do Silverlight development on a Sharepoint 2010 website.

If you'd like more details on this, you can view the entire session from PDC09 here:

You can find out more details about Sharepoint 2010, and the current beta here:





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The Discussion

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    Here is another introduction post on Silverlight Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010. This will also helps the devs to understand and create applications.  Take a look at it.

    All SharePoint 2010 articles here:

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    I was really frustrated at first with the way that SharePoint is portrayed in Visual Studio 2010.

    I finally said, woah there, back up, what is SharePoint?

    It's kind of taken for granted that everyone in the dev community knows what every Microsoft product actually does. While that is fair for Word and Excel (at least to me) it doesn't go without saying that we all know what OneNote or SharePoint do. I thought at first that it was yet another programing tool to be added to ASP, XAML, RIA Services, SilverLight .....

    This video does a great job of delineating SharePoint as well as explaining how and why it is complimented by Silverlight and Visual Studio. If I weren't looking for work and actively browsing job boards where I'm confronted by SharePoint every 9.5 minutes I might have never known (or cared) what SharePoint does.

    If you're reading this instead of watching the video. SharePoint is an Intranet management system that is integrated into Office products. It's not exactly CRM though it could be used as a hyper capable CRM solution and I'd bet dollars to doughnuts the functions for CRM are built in.

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