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Johnny Lee works in Microsoft Research, with a specific penchant at creating interesting and useful devices. He has a session scheduled for MIX09 called "Interaction Techniques Using the Wii Remote" where he will show off some interesting uses he has found for using the Wii Remote as a PC input device, as well as several other devices he has put together to utilize in various computer input scenarios. I thought it would be fun to chat with him about his work creating some of these devices, and get some pointers on how others might benefit from this as well.

You can also find some videos of his experiments here:

And here is the description of the session he is doing at MIX09:

Interaction Techniques Using the Wii Remote (and Other HCI Projects)
by: Johnny Lee

The Wii remote is a sophisticated controller containing a variety of sensing capabilities. In this session, Johnny Lee covers several interaction techniques enabled by the Wii remote and explains how you can develop your own applications. Johnny also introduces a few of his other research projects in the broader domain of Human-Computer Interaction.



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The Discussion

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    johnny is frickin awsome :O
    microsoft had a great win when they hired him Smiley
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    Johnny Lee!  Great to hear from you again - hope you can say more soon.

    I made an IR pen and a low cost whiteboard and now I have started working with your sample to code experiement with multi-touch.

    Johnny I have often sung your cinderella story how the single guy in his lab who gave away his ideas and code and had it come back to him as millions of youtube views, video responses, and invitation to, and the sweet job with the big boys.  Very inspirational!  I'm so happy for you.

    So while your at it, I want to use Windows 7 in my living room with my hands to use mouse/hand gestures to browse the web, run my OS and interact with my media.  I'll look for your "how-to" soon Smiley

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    He's kinda weird guy Smiley, but he knows what he is doing!

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