Juval Lowy – The EnergyNet and the next Killer App

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Many people love to speculate on what the next Killer App might be. Juval Lowy will use his ideal killer app as the basis of his upcoming workshop at PDC09 on November 16th. He’d like to think that the EnergyNet (yeah… I called it “energyweb” in my intro) might provide such a cohesive blending of commercial and residential energy use, the devices which consume that energy and the resources that provide it, that this will become an important piece of our daily lives. It will save money, save energy, and perhaps even save the planet.

In his workshop, he is going to illustrate how the notion of an EnergyNet is made possible through technologies such as Windows Communication Foundation and the .NET Service Bus. I’ve asked special correspondent Bruno Terkaly to interview Juval and get some details on what you’ll learn about in this workshop.

You can get more details about this workshop here:

You can get some more details on the EnergyNet in an interview that Juval did for ARCast.TV on Channel9 here:

And here is a set of links to articles that Juval has written for MSDN Magazine:



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